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Default Re: Platypeople's Trading Thread (Shop)

I want your:
Shiny Skorupi UT
Shiny Heatran UT
Shiny Vulpix UT
Shiny Wynaut
Shiny Houndoom
Shiny Riolu UT
Shiny Magby
Shiny Croagunk UT
Shiny Spinda UT
Shiny Bidoof UT
Shiny Gible
Shiny Heracrosss
Shiny Mime Jr. UT
Shiny Buizel (***.) UT
Shiny Marill UT
Shiny Psyduck
Shiny Tentacool UT
Shiny Skarmory
Shiny Surskit UT

Check my thread, it's been updated!

HeartGold FC:

My Trade Thread
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