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Default Lockerz

This is a website that basically gives you free stuff. It's pretty new and it's realy cool so far. This isn't one of them "Take this survey gain $0.50" no this website is different.
You can gain points by:

Answering the Daily Question - Just answer the question, these questions can be "Favourite song lyrics" or "the day you have the most free time"
Playing Mini Games - There is a mini game when you first sign up to gain points. There isn't any mini games up yet since it's new but they are working on it.
Other - There is going to be other ways but they haven't been informed about them yet :/

Lockerz isn't public yet, you can only get invited. I have 20 invites and if you want it you can have it. Just tell me your email and i'll post it too you ^_^ Simple ya?

I currently have 21 points and i just joined yesterday. There is stuff like to buy like Xbox and Nintendo Games. Which cost about 15-60 points. There is even a Macbook for 1000 points and Nintendo Wii Consols for 250 points!. Of course there isn't just electronics there's jewlery and fashion too if you want it. They are soon to be re-stocking and adding new stuff.

So if you want to be apart of this you can either post your email here, PM your email or send me an email to
After you tell me your email i'll send you an email to sign up.

Note: You have to be 13+ for this website :/

Thanks for your time

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