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Default Re: Top 10 Best Pokemon-Make Your Own List!

#1. Shinx. Obviously :D.
#2. Luxio. Looks less like a cat to me :\.
#3. Charmander. How can you say no to him?
#4. Turtwig. It's like a little dinosaur, aren't you scared?
#5. Mew. If you like any pokemon you technically like Mew :P.
#6. Tyranitar. Cool looking, Powerful, strong, looks cool... What's not to like?
#7. Celebi. Green anyone?
#8. Dragonite. First generation Tyranitar :\.
#9. Lugia. First Pokemon movie I ever saw.. Original two series btw ftw.
#10. Any Glitch Pokemon. Glitches anyone?
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