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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Crimson, you kept saying he's having grammar trouble because of him being "under pressure".

This is a statement that partially makes Bush a bad president. All of the presidential greats have a "golden tongue", thus they can speak well even under pressure. This is what makes a man a great leader of the country, him being able to speak (okay, half of it). You take that away from a president and he is now half-baked.

Presidents are always under tremendous pressure every single day, an obvious fact that common people know. If Bush cannot handle such pressure in such a small circumstance (ie speak to the public), what make one think that he will not make the wrong decisions when the pressure really comes crashing down?

Bush to me is just incapable of incredible greatness because of this single barrier. Taking things out of context, tho almost bad, is acceptable to a certain level. Constantly taking thins out of context is horrible. It's like having someone tailor every single word you're saying. A president should at least know how to effectively speak to the people with his speeches, using a balance of things out of context and others he wrote. It's too much out of context, and the rest he bends under the pressure. That's not good for a president.
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