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Default Re: PE2K Fan Fic Character Sign Up's..

Name: Vaughn
Age: 15
Appearance: See my avatar, a couple of years younger and Asian. XDD
Favorite Colour: Cyan
Favorite PE2K mod: Gemma?
Do you want to live inside the PE2K? lolyes.

Pick a number on the scale 1 to 20: 18
What would you do for a 1000000$? I'll buy the House show.
Where do you see yourself in 20 years: in jail, or hospital.
No really: Hospital.
Be completely honest: H-o-s-p-i-t-a-l
Personality (Note: We will look at your personality from your posts, so don't try to sugar coat anything): Helpful, so say I'm nice, well-mannered, and a 'neat freak'
Favorite Bleach character: Rukia.
If you had magic powers what would they be: X-Ray.
Favorite Naruto character: The guy who controls bugs.
Favorite Pokemon Character: Brock.
Favorite Marvel Character: Wolverine.
Favorite DC Character: Green Lantern, ftw.
Jimmy Olson or Robin: Huh.
Dido or Marlyn Manson: Dildo? XDD
Cristina or Pink: Aguilera.
Madonna or Kiss: KIckaSS
U2 or Bat For Lashes: u2, lol.
Favorite Band: This Providence
Classical or Rock: Rock
If you are a loser yesterday, winner tomorrow, what are you today? average joe.
What's your favorite weapon? in my pants.
Twilight or Harry Potter: Both.
Favorite Movie: TRotF.
Die Hard or the Sweetest thing: Die Hard
Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom: Bloom.
A kitchen made or a farm worker: Wut?
How much are you willing to do to get what you want: like really.
Are you a aggressive person: nope.
Are you an Bitc*? sometimes.
Do you often use sarcasm: Yes.
Motto: How do I finish this, mofo?
Good or Evil: Evil. LOL

Hit me up on AIM: neuroticnero

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