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Default Re: PE2K Fan Fic Character Sign Up's..

I may as well. :o

Btw, you're not getting my name out of me, so don't try. N/A means I don't have one, either because I don't watch it, or I don't know what the hell you're on about.

Name: MK
Age: 14
Appearance: I took the picture down to fit more stuff on Photobucket >.>
Favorite Colour: Cyan/Turquoise/whatever you want to call this colour (VBulletin calls it DeepSkyBlue)
Favorite PE2K mod: *shrugs*
Do you want to live inside the PE2K? I don't mind.
Pick a number on the scale 1 to 20: 12
What would you do for a 1000000$? Nothing. 1,000,000, however... not much.
Where do you see yourself in 20 years: Recording an album.
No really: Yes, really
Be completely honest: I was. This and the question before are both idiotic. Why wouldn't I be truthful first time, and how is you typing 'Be completely honest' going to make me change if I did lie?
Personality (Note: We will look at your personality from your posts, so don't try to sugar coat anything): Friendly, protective, if you annoy me to a certain point, I can and will bubble over with anger, though, and lash out at you
Favorite Bleach character: N/A
If you had magic powers what would they be: I don't need to wish, I already have them. I'm Magic Kid! I'd like to be able to control water, for some reason :o
Favorite Naruto character: N/A
Favorite Pokemon Character: Pichu
Favorite Marvel Character: N/A
Favorite DC Character: N/A
Jimmy Olson or Robin: N/A
Dido or Marlyn Manson: Dido, because she's the only one I've heard a song of
Cristina or Pink: Pink, for the same reason as above
Madonna or Kiss: Madonna
U2 or Bat For Lashes: Neither, as I've never heard a song that I remember either of them recording
Favorite Band: McFly, I guess.
Classical or Rock: Rock
If you are a loser yesterday, winner tomorrow, what are you today? Both, since technically, you're the winner of whatever spot you counted as losing (you even win last place) so you're always both.
What's your favorite weapon? None
Twilight or Harry Potter: Harry Potter, but I like Twilight too.
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter (all of them)
Die Hard or the Sweetest thing: N/A
Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom: Explain how these make a difference to whether you are important or not? Is it based on you? "Oh, this person likes Brad Pitt, and so do I. They get to be supreme ruler of the world!"
A kitchen made maid or a farm worker: *copy/paste answer the previous question*
How much are you willing to do to get what you want: Not much. I wouldn't kill anyone, definitely.
Are you a aggressive person: No, unless you anger me.
Are you an Bitc*? Care to explain what a Bitc star is? Don't cuss, please, there's a reason it filters it.
Do you often use sarcasm: Of coouurse not. Would I ever do that?
Motto: This sentence is false.
Good or Evil: Ever heard of a non-agressive person who's evil? Didn't think so.
MK + Trainer17 = Evil twins | MK + Leo = BFFs

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