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Default Re: PE2K Fan Fic Character Sign Up's..

Originally Posted by Kendo View Post
I hope to be a vice captain for some reason. : D

Name: Call me Jenny or call me Kendo. Either way, they're not my first name.
Age: 12
Appearance: Apparently my hairstyle makes me look like Flannery, only my hair is more like a brown-auburn and curly. My skin is a tad darker, too, and I have acne, being almost a teen and all. I'm around 5 feet tall, or at least since last year, so probably 5'1" by now.
Favorite Colour: Blue
Favorite PE2K mod: Rust. Don't have one, but his coolness comes to mind
Do you want to live inside the PE2K? Yeah! It reminds me of a college dorm, which of course I have never been in, but the idea appeals to me.
Your on the same team as Tombi.. Still she's higher placed then you...

Originally Posted by Winter_Cherry View Post
Name: Rosalina or Rose, either way it's not my real name.
Age: 14
Appearance: About 5' 8" or 5' 9". fair skinned with a few freckles. Reddish-brown hair that's about upper to mid back length that hangs down and is semi-wavy, with brown eyes and black wired-framed glasses 'cause I'm far-sighted.
Favorite Colour: Blue!!!
Favorite PE2K mod: Eh...Embreon
Do you want to live inside the PE2K?: Yes!!!
Your on a squad.. Normal squad, so far just you... But your not within the top 5... But you might get into the top 5 if there aren't that many that wind up in that squad.. :)

Lusankya is in the research and development squad as an researcher...

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