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Default Re: PE2K Fan Fic Character Sign Up's..

Originally Posted by metal sonic View Post
BAHAHAHAHA! The perfect chance to spread my evil to the whole forum!...*notices there are others here* Uh, I mean...Looks like fun *shifty eyes*

Name: Metal Sonic
Age: Fifteen
Appearance: Link.
Favorite Colour: Dark purple.
Favorite PE2K mod: Gem :P
Do you want to live inside the PE2K? Sure, why not?
Your in the research and development squad.. You didn't make it into a seat so your just a researcher....

Originally Posted by Atropos View Post
Tanner (or Atropos, if ya want my username)

I'm the guy, by the way.

Favorite Colour:
Favorite PE2K mod:
Lunar Latias
Do you want to live inside the PE2K?

You are research and development.. You made it into a seat...

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