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Default Re: PE2K Fan Fic Character Sign Up's..

I totally want to do this. :D

Name: Xanthe
Gender: Female.
Age: 15
Appearance: Brown/auburn and straightish-but-not-really hair, short, not skinny but not overweight, I have a straight fringe, casual clothes generally including a jacket.
Favourite Colour: Black and purple
Favourite PE2K mod: Probably Ana.
Do you want to live inside PE2K? You mean the forum? Doesn't really make much sense...
Pick a number on the scale 1 to 20: 14
What would you do for $1000000? I wouldn't do anything to hurt myself, probably. Or others. Unless I don't like them. xD
Where do you see yourself in 20 years: Hopefully in the acting business somewhere. Or doing something with animals.
No, really: Really what?
Be completely honest: I am. :3
Personality (Note: We will look at your personality from your posts, so don't try to sugar coat anything): Lol, well, I’m generally happy and bubbly, but when I’m angry I often put myself down and snap at others. Sometimes I can be very quiet, but that’s really only when I’m away from home. I’m nice and friendly, but can be bi*chy if I want. I'm not afraid to tell people what I think, and I'm very opinionated. If I think something's gonna offend someone, I may give them a hint before saying what I want to say. I really love animals and have respect for other people's opinions, and for the environment and animals. ^v^ I couldn't live without Pokemon. :3
Favourite Bleach character: I’m planning on watching it, but haven’t yet.
If you had magic powers what would they be: I would be able to fly and make things appear when I want.
Favourite Naruto character: N/A Don't watch it.
Favourite Pokemon Character: If you mean from the anime, then Misty and James. If you mean my favourite Pokémon, then Flareon.
Favourite Marvel Character: N/A
Favourite DC Character: Starfire
Jimmy Olson or Robin: Who and who?
Dido or Marilyn Manson: Dido only ‘cause I don’t know who Marilyn manson is.
Cristina or Pink: Cristina
Madonna or Kiss: Argh, darn it...maybe Madonna. But her old stuff.
U2 or Bat For Lashes: U2
Favourite Band: Bachelor Girl. But I have a favourite singer who I like more than the band.
Classical or Rock: Rock.
If you are a loser yesterday, winner tomorrow, what are you today? A losinner
What's your favourite weapon? The mind?
Twilight or Harry Potter: Harry Potter
Favourite Movie: Milo & Otis
Die Hard or the Sweetest thing: N/A
Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom: Orlando Bloom
A kitchen maid or a farm worker: Kitchen maid
How much are you willing to do to get what you want: A lot.
Are you a aggressive person: Can be, yes.
Are you a bi*ch? Yep.
Do you often use sarcasm: Yep!
Motto: Spirit of a Flareon~
Good or Evil: Good. :D

But can I just say: Angela, I think you need to check up on your grammar and spelling. ^^' I'm not trying to be mean. D:

And you may wanna add 'Gender' to the list. Also, why does it have to be a band rather than a singer? D:


EDIT: Oops, didn't see the above post. :x Does that mean you don't need my form? :3 It's fine if you don't. ^^
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