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Default Re: PE2K Fan Fic Character Sign Up's..

Originally Posted by Lusitania View Post
heyhey? Do we have to make the characters of ourself, if so, crap, if not, yay ^_^
Nono.. It's a fanfic.. A team of writers will write about you guys based on the info they got here and with stuff they already know about you... It's NOT like an role play.. People just sit back and read and wait until there name comes into the story... You guys don't have to anything after you fill out this form (Unless your a part of the writing squad.. I've noticed some have signed up which is a good thing.. I myself will sign up later.. Next to the end.. Then You'll see the logic behind this craziness that I call sign up form...)

Anyway to give some spoilers on the 1st chapter... We will have a squad that has Anastasia-R as the captain.. We will have squad 1 which has Ryan as captain.. But so fat almost no one has made into Ana's squad.. And No one into Ryan's squad... Lunar Latias will also be a captain.. The captain of the healing squad has been selected, and the vice captain for the healing squad.. Also I have a captain for research and development...

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