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Default Re: DF's Trades - LF NZ Jirachi, Movie Arceus and Shokotan Pichu

Originally Posted by Sec View Post
I've been looking for a Starmie just like the one in your EV trained section! I'm willing to trade anything in my thread for it so could you please see if anything interests you? If you want I can even clone it and send back the original if needed :]
I can make a copy for myself. It is just I am not going to trade multiple copies of it, so only you and I will have this Starmie. :)

From your thread I am interested in:
Modest shiny Castform (if UT)
Shiny Charmander
Shiny Bulbasaur
Shiny Cyndaquil
10ANNIV Lugia
10ANNIV Ho-oh
PC Pichu

I also have Togepi with Serene Grace and Nasty Plot from previous Egg/IV breeding, but they are Modest. I can try and breed for a calm one if you want. I think one has 31 Special Atk IVs, I can't remember.
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