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Default Re: Sakura's Shiny Shop! Looking for a Partner that can clone.

Originally Posted by Sakura5881 View Post
Iron Warlord: Thank you so much! If you want any pokemon from my thread, just ask! May

I have these:

Turtwig - Brave
Sneasel - Jolly
Gible - Adamant
Feebas - Modest
Magikarp - Modest
Oddish - Sassy

Again, thank you so much!

Sec: That would be great! I already have all you are offering except the Castform, but I

don't mind!

Kardas the Great: Sure! Let me get both cloned first okay? What is a F.E.A.R Rattata? I still want it though.

VovoLagina: How about these?

Shiny Giratina
Shiny Uxie
Shiny Cubone
Shiny Rotom
Shiny Mesprit
Shiny Scyther
Shiny Munchlax
Shiny Drifloon
Shiny Wingull
Shiny Milktank
Shiny Rilou

I need to get them cloned okay?

I need to update with all of my shinies.
ok, but i dont have mesprit, uxie, or munchlax anymore

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