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Default Re: Project Swift

Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
I wish to join.

Name: Nyurgh(This is my shoddy username as well)
FC: 2106-5736-0716
Reason for Joining: I felt like working in a team enviroment, to improve my Shoddy skills.
Favorite Pokemon: Rotom, Scizor, Gyarados

I am more of a Shoddy Battler, I don't really like the Wi-Fi Battle Scene, too much work. Though if anybody needs a mon bred for stuff, I'm willing to do that.
Originally Posted by shiny hunter View Post
Need a new member?

Name: Shiny Hunter
FC: 0001-0636-7834
Reason for Joining: To make some new friends and to have fun :)
Favorite Pokemon: Scyther
Sorry for the wait!
Welcome to the clan, guys. =]

That brings our total to 18 members, which means we are officially full. xD Not long til the first month is up, either...

Nice to see it so active too. ^^