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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Alright, we still need a domain name, and I can't buy one, because I don't have a Paypal account, so I think iLeet (Friend from another forum) is buying me one for the forums.

We are the programmers lounge. We also support gaming, and some warez.
We are hosting in vBulletin right now, and updating as more vBulletin versions come out.

We have a very nice skin, and a nice logo thanks to my good friend, Xeta.

And also, we have finished the forum, and more updates will come through after we get more and more members.
I have added all of the forums that we need for now. We still need some Moderators though...don't post an application, unless we post a staff request, please.

I encourage you to go to the forum, even when it doesn't have a domain, but if you do like the forums so far, just bookmark it until we have the domain ready for use.

We still add plugins, which HAVE to be nice, before we even think of using them at all.

Come join!
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