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Default Re: DF's Trades - CLONING

Originally Posted by Sec View Post
Alright then, if you bring 4 junk pokemon you can have 6 of those 7 ^_^ The castform is UT, and modest Togepi works ever better than calm ^_^ (I actually don't know why I chose calm o_o) lol
I'll be on for the next two hours and then all day tomorrow so PM me if you catch me online ^_^
I'll take all but the PC Pichu, thanks. :) I'll PM you when I see you online so we can trade.

Originally Posted by Iron Warlord View Post

I'm interested in the following:
10 ANIV Typhlosion

Anything you want for it?
How about two of your 10ANIVs that I don't have? I would prefer Latias (if LC) and Latios. If not two, I might settle for one.
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