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Default Re: DF's Trades - CLONING

Originally Posted by kazekage09 View Post
i will trade you a mystry gift member card darkia ut for your tru regiggas
The Platinum event one? I have that event on my Platinum game, I just need to catch the Darkrai. Is there anything else you have to offer? I am mainly interested in events. And with the shinies listed in your thread, could I get the natures of the untouched English ones?

Originally Posted by Iron Warlord View Post
Hmm... I think one for one would be alright. I'm asking for a 10 ANIV and offering a 10 ANIV, so I think that's fair.
Okay. Latios for Typhlosion? Is there anything that would interest you for the other 10ANIV Pokemon you have, that I don't have?
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