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Default The Park Shop

III. The Park Shop

Originally, we had the Park Mart. However, after a bit of discussion, the Mart was revamped and updated. New items have been added and in some cases replaced old ones. With these changes, including a new name, the Park Shop was created. The reason we renamed it was to keep it from getting confused with the Poke Mart. We donít want people trying to buy TMs or anything like that here!

National Park Shop

Itís a good idea to buy everything you need before going into the Park. Itís better to buy a bit more than you need and have extra left over for next visit, than it is to find you bought too few of a needed item. Rangers carry certain items on them when they take you through the Park, but they can only take a small number of each item. Rangers can decide how many of each item they want to carry, but please keep it realistic. You canít carry ten of every item on your person.

IT IS THE TRAINERíS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THEY HAVE ENOUGH ITEMS BEFORE ENTERING THE PARK!!! The Ranger is not obligated to ask if you have everything you need before they accept you and lead you through the Park. If you run out of Park Balls, for instance, that is not the Rangerís fault. Keep in mind that Balls are one of the items Rangers DO NOT carry with them. Like many other items, these must be purchased before entering the Park.

Also, Shop approvers in the past were required to keep track of how much money the Shop made. The idea was that Rangers would be paid from these funds. However, I find this to be a rather ridiculous idea. It would mean Rangers would most likely make a set amount of money, regardless of how much or how little work they did. And though it might take a while, eventually the Shop funds would run so low that Rangers would get paid wages that werenít worth the effort of doing their jobs. If we have ten Rangers earning thirty-thousand every month, then the money the Park Shop makes would be insufficient to pay the Rangers their fair wages. Thus, Rangers will be paid in the same way Refs and Graders are, and not from the money the Park Shop makes. This means Shop approvers wonít have to keep track of the Shopís funds any longer.

Items that you buy here cannot be used outside of the Park (this is mainly for things like Potions and Full Heals).

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