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Default Signing Up

IV. Signing Up

In order to take part in the National Park, you have to be a member of the URPG.

Starter Request Thread

That is where you will post to claim your Starter Pokemon as well as 3,000 PokeDollars. Once your Starter has been approved you are officially a member of the URPG.

To use the National Park, you must fill out a one-time sign-up sheet. This is a form used to keep track of who’s using the Park. Once your sign-up has been approved, it will be archived for future reference. It is advised Trainers make a section in their URPG stats for the Park, where they can keep track of the Pokemon they’ve captured, how many times they’ve been to the Park, and that sort of thing.

National Park Sign-Up Thread

You only have to fill out the sign-up sheet once, but every time you come to the Park you must submit an application:

Front Gate

Without this form, a Ranger can’t accept you and lead you through the Park. Please fill out all areas, though you don’t have to fill out anything for the Other Info section.

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