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Default Mirror, Mirror; Chapter Three [WWC]

Mirror, Mirror

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Author's Note; This is my fourth story and one obviously independent of The Struggling Scientist. This story is more like that of "Breeze", so I hope you enjoy the wonderful detail and unique plot. :3
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Large aquamarine eyes stayed somber as they looked down. A reflective pool lay below, mirroring the image it saw. Short hair the color of hay, luscious lips the color of bubblegum and skin as carnation as it comes. This Smoochum was considered the epitome of beauty in her small clan. However, this wasn't enough. She wished to be different. Unsure of why she had these feelings, Smoochum ventured from each glaze's reflection to another. It is said that Smoochum decide their likes and dislikes by kissing the object in question. Her reflection always tasted of dirty salt.

One day, she sat near a patch of ice at the cave's entrance. A gentle breeze blew into the cave, bringing with it the scent of beautiful flowers and sweet aromas. Smoochum assumed they came from a Bellossom. A few days ago, a trainer wandered through the cave with a small Pokemon in a grass skirt. With each step and utterance of its name, an indescribable smell radiated from the tiny flowers fixed on its head. Smoochum's mind filled with all sorts of colors and feelings when presented with Bellossom's scent. Since then, every time she smelled flowers - she thought of that Bellossom.

Looking into the new mirror, Smoochum closed her eyes and wished inwardly that when she kissed her reflection, a pleasant taste would suffice. Closed eyes opened to a miraculous taste. It was that of lavender and mint. Her eyelashes fluttered and opened to look at her new reflection; long hair the color of gold, an onyx complexion to rival the blackest of nights and a gorgeous red dress that flowed into oblivion. Smoochum couldn't believe her eyes. Was she now all she longed to be? "Am I... perfect?"

"Hardly..." A tall Jynx peered down at the pink Pokemon. She sashayed to Smoochum's position and pushed her on her back. "If you think you rival my beauty, you are sadly mistaken."

Smoochum felt as if her soul had been crushed. Tears began to well in the corners of her eyes. "How? How can I be as pretty as you?" She begged the Jynx for the secret she held.

"You'll never be as pretty as me," Jynx spat. Without another word, she turned and walked away with hips swinging left and right.

Smoochum bawled. She didn't understand why she couldn’t be perfect. However, she did understand that in order to taste of lavender and mint, she needed to evolve. Evolution had to be the key. She vowed that the next Pokemon she saw, she would battle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meringue stood at the entrance to Ice Path, shivering. She pulled her garnet colored evening coat around her small frame to keep in the warmth. The Azumarill at her side reached into the matching backpack it was carrying and pulled out a pair of earmuffs. It handed them to her, causing a smile to creep on to Meringue’s face.

"Thank you Azul." Meringue smiled sweetly. She quickly took the earmuffs presented by her partner and placed them over her chilled ears.

Azul only nodded, zipping the backpack. "Azu, azu?"

Meringue shook her head. "No, I'm fine. I might not have Thick Fat, but I'll be okay." She tugged at one of Azumarill's ears in a tender, affectionate way. "You'll be fine though, right?"

"Rill!" The water mouse replied, replacing the backpack to its former position. He moved closer to his trainer as the duo entered the cave.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Smoochum was waiting for a Pokemon to enter the cave. Anything would to as long as she gained enough experience to evolve into the ever elusive picture of beauty; that's when she saw two beings wandering through the cave's maze. One was a tall human. The other was a spherical Pokemon called Azumarill.

Smoochum thought she would get the upper hand by ambushing the Azumarill. To do so, she would need to watch from high ground. Little pink hands pulled the Smoochum's weight up the side of a small plateau in the cave. Once there, she crawled to the drop and stationed herself, ready for combat.

"Azumarill!" Two large, floppy ears twitched. "Azu, Azu!"

"Hm? What is it?" Meringue asked. She stopped, halting their trek further into the cave.

Azul shook his head, passing the sound off for an echo coming from deeper within. He tugged at the hem of Meringue’s coat to continue on.

Smoochum looked down from the edge she had been perched on, waiting for her prey to pass. She watched, edging closer and closer to see if they had passed the mark. As soon as she saw the backs of the duo, Smoochum threw herself off the cliff and attached herself to Azumarill's back. As he struggled against the attack, she lifted a large ear and began to sing a sweet melody.

Meringue looked startled. In her years of being a Pokemon trainer, she never would have guessed a Pokemon would attack in this manner. "Ignore the Sing, boy! Throw her off!"

Azul grunted in concurrence. The tune had no effect as he picked Smoochum from his back and threw her into the same plateau she had jumped from.

"Now Azul, Rollout!" Meringue called from the side, while pointing at the dazed Smoochum.

Discarding the backpack, Azul instantly rolled into a ball at his master's command. With his tail and ears locked safely within the innards of the ball, he began to roll towards Smoochum at an increasing pace. Within seconds, he was speeding along the rocks as if he were an all-terrain vehicle.

Smoochum stood, trying to recover from the throw. When her vision cleared, she spotted Azumarill speeding to her. Smoochum had never seen such a move and didn't understand how to react to it. When an idea popped into her head, it was too late. Azul smashed into her and continued rolling to the opposite wall.

He used the wall as a pin-point to turn on his axis and start another charge at his opponent.

Smoochum glared, regaining her stance. She began to concentrate, attempting to form a psychic pulse.

Azul didn't give her the chance to launch an attack. He barreled over the Smoochum, pummeling her to the ground.

As she lay there, Smoochum tried desperately to figure a way to combat the onslaught of another attack. Then an idea rushed into her mind. Her lips parted in a small "o", letting out cool breeze. As soon as it hit the surroundings, the breeze turned to jagged stalagmites that rose from the ground.

Azumarill was making his attempt at a third hit when the icicles battered him from underneath. Instantly, he uncurled scrambled out of the way.

"Azul, Double-Edge!"

Hearing these new orders, he rushed at the bewildered Smoochum and smashed into her in a reckless tackle. Both were lying injured where they had fallen.

"Come on, boy! Defense Curl!" Meringue was doing her best to encourage her partner.

Instantly, his tail was being held by two front paws and a grey barrier was erected around Azumarill.

"Smoochum!" She jumped up and down in protest.

As the barrier faded, Azul felt as if he were wearing an armor of gravel. He stood triumphantly, raising both arms to the cave top. It was time for his signature combination. The ice which clung to the stalactites began to melt. It began as a slow drip, mounting into a full on monsoon. Azul had performed a Rain Dance indoors!

Water swelled around Smoochum's feet. She closed her eyes hard, hoping the water would be gone when she opened them. Her eyes fluttered open, only to realize that the water had climbed to her waist.

Azul was getting ready for the final hit. His tail twitched in anticipation before it hit the water. Waves bounded towards the little Smoochum, ready to knock her over.

Smoochum didn't know what to do. She was beginning to panic. Just as the first wave was about to crash down, a violet pulse emanated from the little ice Pokemon. It shattered the onslaught of waves and caused Azumarill to cower.

Meringue was now the one who didn't know what was happening. She looked to her dear Azul, who was curled up on the ground in an eerie purple light. She then glanced to the attacking Smoochum, who was panting and out of breath. This was Meringue’s chance to end the battle. She quickly fished around in her backpack for a Pokeball. Grabbing the desired object, he lobbed it at Smoochum.

Smoochum was hit between the eyes with a large, round object. As soon as she touched it, a force erupted from the capsule and pulled her inside. Smoochum looked around. She saw nothing but an endless crimson void. She flailed in the anti-gravity environment, struggling to get out.

Meringue rushed to the side of the fallen Azul. She cradled Azumarill in her arms and the two watched the thrown Pokeball wiggle twice before...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
End Note; If Smoochum isn't captured, she'll continue wandering the Icy Path, trying to evolve. If she is captured, look for an unexpected Chapter Two. =D
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pokemon Attempted; Smoochum.
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