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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Hello, PokémonElite2000 Forums! First, I'd like to introduce myself - I'm Spherical Ice. You may have seen me at the Sprite Art and ASB sections of PE2Kf. You may also have noticed a broken link in my signature. Well, that link is no longer broken. It's official. Lake Psyduck is finally open to the public!

There are many reasons why Lake Psyduck is a unique forum. It has a range of the essential Pokémon sections, such as anime discussions, art displays, Trivias and Games, and many, many more.

However, LPF (the common acronym of Lake Psyduck Forums) has a hint of originality that other forums lack.

For one, we have LPFF - Lake Psyduck's Forum Fight. The forum fight is a section of LPF in which members of the community gather, signing up to one of the two epic teams - Team Opal and Team Crystal.

During the Forum Fight, numerous challenges and competitions will be announced, and then six participants from each team are put up to the challenge. The challenges range from Spriting competitions to Writing challenges to Mini-Game projects. They are all done in the Forum Fight.

The winning team gets VP (victory points), and the entrants that helped the team win get numerous prizes.

Another fabulous section of Lake Psyduck is SSP - Super Splash Psyduck. Sound like something familiar..? SSP is basically Lake Psyduck's equivalent of the one and only Super Smash Bros.!

Selecting one of the eighteen different characters, two members can duke it out in an epic, forum-based fight. With a huge variety of different maps (25, to be exact), the sky's a limit!

Many other exciting events await at Lake Psyduck. There's only ONE thing missing...


Register now, at:

Lake Psyduck - Come Relax!


Once you've joined, please PM me here.
You should join

you don't have to join.
it's your life. though it'd be nice.

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