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Arrow [haitus] The Virtual Nest - Egg Pokémon requests! All TM's too. :3

Egg Move Pokémon requests![/

but updates will be tomorrow. since their is hardly
anything here. :3

Hello! And welcome to "The Virtual Nest"! I know the name is one of the most uncreative names I could've thought up but I don't feel like putting too much time thinking up a fancy name. :3 *coughlazycough*

I done this a while back and it was semi-successful, I'm hoping for the same this time around. It'd be nice to get into the whole trading aspect of Pokémon again. (:

Anyway, on with the show. Here is the boring bit I'm afraid... indeed, the rules. You probably know what most people expect, and I doubt it's any different here.

  • Respect my desicions:
    I have to right to decline your trade or your request, my time I'm putting into it and if I decide not too, don't take it offensively, I just may not fancy breeding that Pokémon or can't be bothered. *coughlazycough* n.n
  • No rushing please:
    I'm sure most of you understand how annoying and frustrating it is when someone doesn't leave you alone and telling you to hurry up. If I've missed you out, sure. Please tell me, I'd be more than happy to listen. But If I'm cracking on with your request and you keep going on about it, I'm more likely just to forget about it.
  • I can only do... what I can do?:
    Of course, I'm not the best breeder ever, but I'll give every request my best shot. If I can only do so much, please don't make me feel bad or put me under pressure to do more.
  • Follow all normal PE2K rules:
    Must I say anything? :3
  • No spamming my mailbox:
    Big no-no, this seriously irritates me. >:B

Lets keep this empty, okay? n_n

Egg Move Pokémon
(feel free to request for characteristics + genders + IVs)

Volt Tackle Pichu(s)

Natures available: Mild (x2), Serious (x3), Impish, Bold (x2), Hardy, Bashful, Brave, Careful.
Moveset: Volt Tackle, Thunder, Light Screen, Charm.

Earthquake Tropius
Natures Available:

Other Bred Pokémon

Natures Available: Modest, Timid, Docile, Gentle. [7 eggs left over]
Moveset: Agility, Icy Wind, Fury Swipes, Faint Attack.

Make A Request

I may have Pokémon on show, but I am happ to make a Pokémon to suit you. I can try for natures, moves, gender and IVs. (IVs take longer, of course.)

Please, for convenience, use this form. It really makes it easier for me. (:

My Request

Pokemon Species:
Egg Move(s):


It's pointless to list all the itmes I have, because I pretty much have every item from all generations from what I recall. That includes ALL TMs + ALL berries.

My Wants

Pretty straight forward, I like what most other people like, EV trained, shinies, legendaries, the whole lot really. :3 So, yea, just post up your shop URL, and I'll browse. :)

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