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Default Re: We Love Music 2 [WLM2]

CD Review:

Sorry if the pic offends anyone, but it is the album cover.

I'm not really sure what I can say about this album that hasn't already been said. Every song is amazing in many different aspects. For one thing, the album brought Nirvana to unprecedented levels, started a new trend in music, and even helped Dave later start his own band the Foo Fighters. The album kicks off with a bang with the beginning of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the bang doesn't stop for the whole album. I love 1-9 on album personally, and the intros for many of the songs will keep you listening for the whole songs. To be blunt, there is a reason this album has sold over 10 million copies. Whether you like Kurt's singing/roaring with his guitar playing, Christ's bass work, or my personal favorite, Dave's hammering on the drums, there is something for everyone. This is the kind of album, every band should try to record. I'm going to post my thoughts on every song on the album.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Critically regarded as the best song on the album. I like the lyrics and Curt's guitar solo, not to mention what I consider a Nirvana trademark, an awesome intro.
2. In Bloom- I love the drum intro. The song also drags you into a funny joke, by making you the one.
3. Come As You Are- My personal favorite on the album. The intro can only be described as legendary.
4. Breed- What I consider the best song to go marginally unnoticed on the album. One of Nirvana's better songs, overshadowed by some better songs on the album, but definitely not a bad song.
5. Lithium- This song really got me into Nirvana to start with. The lyrics are good and IMO talk about how Kurt didn't care what people thought of him.
6. Polly- The only song in the 1-9 song list I don't really like. It's decent just not that great to me, okay to listen too.
7. Territorial P**sings- Weird intro, I regard the song in the same category I put Polly in.
8. Drain You- I like the lyrics, and the instruments, not a whole lot to say, you just have to listen to the song.
9. Lounge Act- Quickly becoming another song I like on Nevermind. IMO, it kind of sounds like a bad Ricky Martin song, just with more instruments and a different genre.
10. Stay Away- Have no real opinion, too busy listening to other songs, I'll edit here when I listen to the song more.
11. On A Plain- Same as Stay Away.
12. Something In The Way- The first song is nice, never heard the second song, because of the 10 minutes if nothing in between.

Short Opinion: Amazing Album, everyone should listen to it, Nirvana fan or not. Not every song is great, some are amazing, others average. I highly recomend it.
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