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Default Re: General Park Discussion/Feedback/Questions

Attention Park Goers:

There have been a few (two) changes in the rules of the Park. The first is a basic guideline found in the Mechanics thread under V c.

This is to help eliminate bias as a potential problem in the future, and works much like the Stories' boards 'All the Pokemon we Don't Hate' thread. Keep in mind it's not an exact science, it is possible to catch Pokemon posting under the limits, however it will be more difficult. Also, the list is very likely to be changed as various kinks in the system are worked out through trial and error. The last thing we want is to make capturing Pokemon much easier or much harder than our story brethren.

The second has to do with encounter rolls, and can be found in the Information for Rangers thread under 2).

This, again, is to help eliminate potential bias. If roll inactivity becomes an issue the rule will be subject to change, though hopefully this will never become a problem.

Thank you, and I wish me a happy belated birthday.

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