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Default The Canalave Library

~Banner will be put here . . . someday . . .~

The Historian's Corner --->

Welcome to the Library, where you can find the biggest collection of Folk Tales on PE2K! Here you’ll find a collection of Folk Tales or Fairy Tales as written how Pokémon-loving authors would think that they‘d be told in the PokéWorld. Comments or questions of any kind will be posted in the Historian’s Corner in the Author’s Corner of the fan-fic board. Want to contribute to our collection? Great. Wonderful. Bang. Read the steps and rules below carefully, abide by them, then post away. There’s no limit to how many you can post, however please allow other authors to post their own stories.


Adding your own Tale!

Step One: Take a look at the Historian’s Corner to make sure your story idea hasn’t already been claimed. We don’t want a bajillion stories on how Charmander or its family got a flame on their tail. If your story hasn’t been claimed, hurry and claim it before someone else does.

Step Two: Create a wonderfully creative, G-rated short story that answers the question why? how? or how come? or where did it come from? Imagine that in some alternate universe a little child has asked you something like “Why does Pikachu shoot sparks from its cheek” or “How come Snorlax sleeps so much?”. Keep it Pokémon related, and in Folk Tale style. Don’t use big words, like antidisestablishmentarianism. Your story should be three posts at the most, but more than five paragraphs. Check out the rules listed before for more info.

Step Three: Proof-read and edit. Make sure your tale is completely finished before sharing it here. After all of that has been said and done, the big moment comes: Post away! There’s no need for introductions, or explanations. Just put down at the top of your post what question is answered then sit back and relax. Check the Historian’s corner for any comments on your creation. Want to share a picture that goes along with your story? Go right ahead, as long as it goes with your story. We love all sorts of creativeness here.

Da Rules:

1- G rated stories only. This means no gruesome and/or bloody descriptions, unnecessary language, or sexual content. Folk Tales are for little kids, after all.

2- Be grammatically correct and use good English. Do not use smileys or text abbreviations. I understand if you make tiny mistakes; everyone else makes them, too. Try your best, and that‘s the best you can do.

3- Your story must not be longer than three posts long, but longer than five paragraphs. Don’t write a novel and don’t write an immature sentence.
Example of a Bad Story: One daze a wii little kip decided two roll around de mud, than became a Mudkeep. De End.

4- Please post any other comments or questions in the Historian’s Corner.

5- Do not write a different view of an already claimed story. We don’t need different versions of the same idea. If someone writes about how they thought Growlithe got its stripes, don’t write on how you think Arcainine got its stripes.

6- Follow all forum rules, of course.

7- If any of these rules are broken, you will be asked to remove your story.

Thanks for bearing with me, Pokéfans! I look forward to reading your stories! I hope you enjoy your stay at the library.

Any input on ways I could renovate this thread will be greatly appreciated! Share your ideas in the Historian’s Corner.

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