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Default Chasing Rotom

Target: Rotom (Demanding)
Length Requirement: 40k-55k
Length: 46,531
I've never written anything longer than about 6 pages before, this was 15 so I hope it comes out okay :]

“You may see him now,” the short scarlet headed nurse said to Taylor as she walked out of his father’s bedroom. Taylor’s father had been diagnosed with an extremely deadly tumor and was about to pass on. Everybody was taking turns saying their final goodbyes to him.

Taylor stood up, glancing around with his bright lime eyes at the many people ready to see his father off. Men sat silently in the corners or stood next to their wives, all of whom were bawling into small handkerchiefs. Taylor quickly adjusted his black suit while coming to terms with everything that was taking place. He didn’t even know if he could do this without completely breaking down and bawling his eyes out. Usually a very strong person emotionally, death was something that Taylor always had a problem with. The man was afraid of nothing, always trying to be the hero and stand up bravely and fearlessly to help others; but this was the one time he just couldn’t do that.

Taylor pulled back his short dirty blonde hair as he stepped through the ornate cherry oak door that lead into his father’s bedroom, the head of his 6 foot tall body just missing the top of the door frame. The walls were a cream color with bronze accents and a dark brown wood trim around the ceiling and floor. From the walls many paintings were hung, all original works of art from the most famous painters around the world. In the center of the room was a grand canopy bed, made of mahogany, on which Taylor’s father laid, covered in a noble red gilded blanket. The only light in the room came just barely through the closed drapes behind the bed, enclosing everything but Taylor’s father in darkness.

Passing a table of flowers brought by the mourners, Taylor walked across the oak floors and elegant crimson and gold rugs that had been laid down around the room towards his father’s large bed. He knelt down by his father’s side and looked into his withered, elderly face. Suddenly he was incredibly weak at the knees, he felt like he would collapse at any second. I can’t do this… I can’t do this… Taylor told himself; though he pressed onwards to the bed anways. “How ya hanging on, pop?” Taylor asked, choking on the tears he was holding back, as he pulled his hand across his dad’s wispy white hair.

“I’m doing fine, I could run a mile and still have enough energy to climb a mountain!” his father replied through a choking cough. He was always trying to put people into good moods during the worst situations. Even though he was going to die soon he wanted everybody to be happy. Taylor chuckled half heartedly at his father’s crazy remark.

“Ha-ha, I’m sure you could… I’m gonna miss you…” Taylor said quietly, almost in a whisper and holding back tears.

“Don’t worry about it,” his father responded. “Everyone dies sometime; it’s not something everyone needs to get all weepy and upset about. You gotta accept it and move on! Now listen, I got something important to ask you. I need you to make me a promise.”

“Anything,” Taylor promised.

“About 5 years after you were born your mother and I had another son. Now, this was before we had money like we do now so we couldn’t afford to take care of two kids, we had to give him up for adoption. His name’s Joshua. I want you to track him down and give him a good home. Bring him back into the family. Can you do that for me?” Taylor’s father asked in a low but serious tone, coughing between every few words.

“I will, I’ll find him for you dad and I’ll bring him right back here to the house,” Taylor assured his father.

“Thank you…” his father said and he slowly shut his eyes. His face suddenly lost all emotion and his head fell to the side, looking slightly limp. Taylor broke down and began to cry as a nurse left the room to tell the family. For the next few hours the entire house would be filled with the sound of weeping.

For the next few days Taylor did nothing but call orphanages in the area and travel to different organizations for adoptive children looking for any information on his brother Joshua. Finally, after five days of nonstop searching he found a bit of information. “Hello, is this Saint Louise’s Orphanage?” Taylor had asked.

A quaint, high voice on the other line of the telephone answered, “Yes it is, how may I help you?”

“I’m looking for information on a boy, about 15 years old, named Joshua Foreman,” he replied dully. Taylor was getting tired of the calls, this was his sixteenth just this day.

“Why? What do you want with Joshua?” The voice on the other line answered quickly, sounding shocked and slightly scared.

“I’m his brother. Our father just passed away earlier this week and asked me to find Joshua and bring him back into the family as he died,” Taylor told her excitingly. This was the one; he had found him!

“That may be a little difficult to work out… He is here, but you should probably come down to see him and so that we can talk in person,” the voice said.

“Would tomorrow at about three be good?” Taylor asked.

“Three sounds great, I’ll see you then mister…?” the woman inquired.

“Mr. Foreman, my name’s Taylor Foreman,” Taylor replied.

“Okay Mr. Foreman I’ll see you tomorrow,” the voice said just before the phone clicked, ending the call.

The next day Taylor jumped into his shiny yellow sports car and headed out towards the orphanage, it was two towns over from his home in Pearl City so he would be driving for quite awhile. To help make the drive seem less boring he had grabbed a random CD on his way out the door; he popped it in and listened to the smooth jazz tunes of some 80s band. He rolled down the windows to let some fresh country air filter through the car as he drove down the smooth blacktop to Saint Louise’s. On the way there all that he could think about was his little brother. He sat and thought about what he must be like, what he might look like, how his life had been, and what the person on the phone had meant by “That could be hard to work out…” With all of this on his mind the two and a half hour drive to the orphanage flew by like two and a half minutes.

Taylor slowly pulled up near the orphanage and shifted the car into park. He stepped out of the vehicle, slammed the door and walked up towards the orphanage’s large wooden doors. Each step he took kicked up dirt since the orphanage was just outside of town and in the country environment of the outskirts all of the roads were made of sand and dust over old bricks.

Taylor planted his feet firmly on the ground and took a look around. The area surrounding the building was covered with gigantic willow trees; their strands of leaves could be seen hanging abundantly around the premises. The large lake out in the middle of the open field behind the orphanage glistened and reflected he images of the dozens of adorable, harmless Pokemon running about such as Bidoof and Stantler. The building itself was made of cherry and beige colored bricks and had large double oak doors, and had just a few windows. Taylor marveled at the three story ancient building, the architecture was easily recognizable as much older than Taylor’s 20 years. All of the wonderful scenery, added on to the fact that the sweet country air was so strong here made him start to think that life at the orphanage must have been wonderful.

Taylor walked into the orphanage and walked up towards the sparkling glass topped counter in the center of the wall opposite the entrance. “Wow…” he whispered as he glanced at the beautiful walls, painted a vibrant evergreen, and the floor, made of ceramic pallid tiles. On each side of the counter there was a set of doors, just like the main entrance’s. The walls were littered in objects such as a bulletin board, pictures of the orphanage’s children and a couple black and white paintings. Two large fern plants sat on the sides of the glass counter. Behind the counter sat a beautiful young lady with dazzling red, almost orange, hair and a cute smile; she wore a long charcoal dress and looked no older than twenty five.

Taylor approached the woman and said: “Hello, I’m supposed to come in to meet somebody about a young boy named Joshua Foreman. I’m supposed to come see him and possibly negotiate taking him home with Me.”

“Yes, I’m the woman you spoke with on the phone yesterday,” the lady said. “You’re Mr. Foreman correct? Joshua’s brother?”

“Yes ma’am,” Taylor replied. “My name’s Taylor.”

“It’s nice to meet you Taylor,” the woman said as she reached her hand out to shake his. “My name is Sister Rose.”

Sister? Taylor thought. He had never thought of a nun as young and beautiful. “It’s nice to meet you Sister Rose,” he said as he reached out and met her hand with a gentle shake. “May I meet Joshua?” he asked.

“Of course,” she said. “Come right this way; however, I need to speak with you about him on the way,” she said worriedly.

Sister Rose led Taylor through the doors to the right of the desk and they began to walk down a long hallway. The door, walls, and floors in the hall were the same as in the main foyer and there were doors lining both walls all the way down the hall which led into the children’s bedrooms.

As they walked down the hall Sister Rose began to tell Taylor little things about his brother; she started off simple with things such as what he looked like and eventually led into other more serious topics such as his past and current condition. Throughout the whole conversation Taylor was looking at the doors they were passing; waiting intently for the one that they would stop at and enter.

“Well Joshua is almost 16 years old now,” Sister Rose said. “He’s grown to be about 5 foot 8 inches I believe. He has long brown hair and the same bright green eyes that you do,” she continued. “Now, Joshua’s a very unique child. He’s been to various foster homes but always ends up back here due to his foster parents becoming ill or severely injured.”

“Poor kid,” Taylor commented, feeling bad for the little boy who he hadn’t even met yet. “Has to be pretty traumatic to lose your parents over and over again…”

“Indeed, it’s been very hard on him. He doesn’t talk to us anymore, or anybody for that matter. The only time we hear him speak is when he sits in front of his television. He’ll sit there and have full conversations with the inanimate box, even when it’s not turned on! Obviously this has made us all very worried…” She said until she stopped walking. They had reached the end of the hall and were now looking at a large steel door; a sign hung from it which read: Psychiatric Ward.

“So you put him in the psych ward…” Taylor said quietly, a feint disgust was heard in his tone.

“It was just so that we could keep an extra close eye on him,” she tried to explain. “Not only that, but he was scaring the other children. They used to make comments about how he was possessed by demons and ghosts and that they were afraid to sleep with him here. Obviously it’s outrageous to think he could really be possessed but they’re children. We thought it would be better if we placed him here.” She pushed the large door open and continued walking down the hallway with Taylor beside her.

Taylor could see that this hallway was much different from the one before. In here all of the walls were white and the doors were large, steel, and each had four locks keeping them shut. Where you could hear the laughter of children in their rooms in the other hallway all that you could hear here was dead silence. This was nothing like what Taylor imagined his brother’s life had been like.

Taylor and Sister Rose continued to walk down the hallway towards Joshua’s room. Every door that they passed made Taylor even more nervous and impatient than he was the second before.

“So where is his room?” Taylor finally asked Sister Rose. He had given up hope of waiting.

“Joshua’s room is actually through the next door and then at the end of that hallway,” she told him. “Now back to what I was saying! Where was I?” she asked.

“You were talking about how you were worried because of him talking to his TV, and then you were telling me about how the other children think he’s possessed,” he reminded her, the disgusted tone ringing through the corridor.

“Ah yes,” she exclaimed. “I just wanted to let you know about his current condition and his past. He’s had a very traumatic life because of the constant loss he’s suffered and I just wanted you to be prepared. He’s probably not the way you imagined he would be and… well… you can see for yourself!” she said as she walked up to one of the large steel doors. They had finally reached Joshua’s room.

Sister Rose reached out and twisted the top lock, unlatching it. She swiped a card through the second lock to unlock it and quickly punched in a password to unlock the third lock. “Are you ready?” she asked Taylor.

Taylor nodded slowly and she pulled the bolt keeping the last lock closed. She twisted the knob and pulled open the door, revealing Joshua’s bedroom.

The room beyond the open steel door was much like the hallway outside. The ceiling, the floors, and the walls were all white. The bed sat in the far left hand corner of the room and it was covered in dull gray sheets. Aside from the bed the only thing in the room was a small television that was turned on with nothing but static flowing across its screen in strange patterns. On the bed sat a teenage boy.

The boy was very pale, like he had not been in the sun for years. He had very messy chocolate brown hair and wore a plain pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. He had a sort of eerie sense about him. He didn’t look back when Rose or Taylor walked in; he just stared intently at the television, occasionally whispering to himself.

Taylor gazed upon his little brother, shocked at the difference between the boy before him and the picture of what he had thought Joshua would look like that sat in a corner of his mind. He’s just sitting there… Not even looking back at us… Taylor thought to himself. He didn’t know what to think. He was ecstatic to finally meet his little brother, but at the same time he now understood why the children were flipping out about Joshua. They way he just sat there lifelessly, whispering, was extremely creepy. Taylor was actually afraid to even enter the room.

“Joshua, it’s Sister Rose,” the woman said.

Joshua didn’t acknowledge her.

“There’s somebody here to see you. His name is Taylor, he’s very nice. He’s from your real family.” She told the child, though he just kept muttering to his television.

Taylor walked over and took a seat next to his brother, shaking a little bit. “Hey buddy, how you doin?” Taylor asked, but the child continued to act as though they weren’t there. “My name’s Taylor, I’m your brother... I’m from your real family… The one you had before you were sent here,” Taylor said, trying to talk to the oblivious boy. The way Joshua acted as if they didn’t exist was only adding to the creepiness of the situation. “I was kind of wondering if you’d like to come back. If you’d like to live with us again,” he asked, somewhat reluctantly.

Joshua didn’t acknowledge him this time either, but he stopped muttering to the static filled box. Finally, after a silence that seemed to last forever, the boy spoke. “You want to take me away again?” Joshua whispered inquisitively.

Thank God, he spoke… Taylor thought, almost letting out a sigh of relief as the intensity of the moments before slipped away. “Well,” Taylor began, “We have a very nice house, we’re a very loving family, and you’d be really happy at our home,” Taylor said. “You’d have a much better life than you have here. There’s fresh gourmet meal every night, a huge back yard to play in and lots of kids your age live around us. You’d even be able to go to a real school.” He said to the boy. All throughout the conversation the static on the TV was getting louder and louder, as if trying to drown out Taylor’s voice so that Joshua wouldn’t be able to here it. “And you’d be with your real family again…” Taylor finished.

Joshua stood up, walked to the television and turned it off. He slowly and silently walked back to his bed and laid down, turning away from Taylor without saying another word.

“Why don’t we go? I think he needs a little while to process this…” Sister Rose suggested.

Taylor stood up and walked out with her and they began walking down the hall back towards the entrance of the building. “Well?” Sister Rose inquired. She wanted to know what Taylor was thinking since he hadn’t said anything and they were already almost out of the psychiatric ward.

“I think if he had time to warm up to me and see how great my home is that he would be really happy. I promised my father before he died that I would find Joshua and give him a better life. That’s what I’m going to do,” he replied. I’ll make this work… he thought. I promised Dad that I would…

“Well then, when we get back to my desk let me grab some papers, we’ll go into my office for you to look them over and sign, and then Joshua will be yours to take home,” Sister Rose said, smiling.

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