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Default Re: Chasing Rotom (WIP)

The second was much taller than the first, by about a foot, and though it looked much less powerful it’s actually just about matched the first in terms of strength. This Pokemon looked almost like a human mixed with a bird. Most of its body was orange with yellow markings around the ankles and on its chest. It had two large sharp talons and a large red crest extending from its beak in a V shape over the top of its head. Extending from the back of its head was a long, white, feather-like mane. The orange bird followed the other Pokemon’s example and turned to face Taylor.

“Machamp, Blaziken, help me move these boulders! I need to get up the stairs!” he said to his Pokemon.

With that, Blaziken turned around and blasted one of the rocks with a vicious uppercut. The large chunk of broken cement flew into the air and shatter into hundreds of tiny bits of rock and dust. It continued to do this as well as clenching it’s talons into fists and thrusting flaming punches into the rocks, shattering them in seconds.

Machamp began picking up four stones at a time and throwing them aside with enough force to make them shatter as they touched the ground. As they neared the end of the cement block barricade Machamp let off a flurry of punches destroying the rest of the rocks in a matter of seconds.

“Good job guys! Come on back!” Taylor said to his Pokemon and they were sucked back into their Pokeballs through a bright red light.

Taylor walked up the cracked and charred stairs and saw what he was looking for as soon as he reached the top. About ten doors down the hall from where he was now there was a hole in a wall where a door once was, the hinges from the old door were sending off blue electrical sparks. Taylor sprinted down the hallway, jumping over the rubble that littered the floor and dodging the blue sparks as he ran through the gaping hole in the wall. Once through the doorway he entered a large apartment which was full of nothing but melted and burnt items, rubble, darkness, and a small television sitting atop the destroyed remains of an old TV stand. The television was on and flickering, just like the one in Joshua’s room in the orphanage, and Josh was sitting in front of it, watching the screen intently and muttering. “Josh?” Taylor said as he walked towards the boy.

Joshua jumped up rapidly and stepped back, staring at Taylor.

“I just want to talk to you,” Taylor said. “Can you tell me what’s going on?” he asked of Joshua.

“Go away!” Josh yelled out. “I told you to stop. I told you to let me go back, I need to go back, I always go back!” he continued to shout and he thrust out his hands at Taylor, sending a gust of air flying towards him and sending him flying across the room.

Taylor smashed into the wall next to the large hole he entered through and fell to the ground.

“You should have let me go,” Joshua said. “This time I’ll make sure you do!” he shouted and reached out towards Taylor again.

Taylor’s body started to emit a bright purple glow and he began to float up into the air. Then Joshua turned and Taylor flew across the room at the speed of a bullet, smashing into the wall on the opposite side of the room from where he had been. Joshua held him on the wall about 2 feet off the ground, and pushed him harder and harder into it every second. Suddenly Taylor was overcome with a burning, shocking sensation of pain. His entire body felt as if it had just been thrown into a giant electrical socket. He felt as if he was being burned and electrocuted at the same time. He could feel his skin melting, his heart racing faster than ever before, electricity flowing across his veins, and the hair all over his body charring and burning. However, Taylor was completely fine; Joshua was sending these feelings to Taylor without doing any actual harm to his body. Taylor was thrashing on the wall, convulsing with burning, shocking pain while he was being pushed harder and harder into the cracked wall of the apartment. Taylor couldn’t help but scream, begging for his brother to stop, but Joshua stood there intensifying the pain with each sound that Taylor let out.

Taylor opened his eyes to look at his little brother who was torturing him so badly and saw something that he had never seen before. Hundreds of ghost Pokemon were swimming through the air around Joshua, occasionally lunging into his body to give him their power. Duskulls, Haunters, Shuppets, Gengars, and many more were flying through the air; there had to be at least one hundred ghosts in the room. After that, Taylor finally noticed what was causing all of this to happen. One ghost was not flying around Joshua giving away its ghostly power; rather, it was sitting inside the flickering television laughing and telling Joshua and the other ghosts what to do. After seeing all of this Taylor could finally figure out what was going on. “The ghost was originally in the television at the orphanage and Joshua must have made friends with it,” he thought. “So the ghost must be having its friends give Joshua psychic powers to help him get back to the orphanage where they can be alone,” Taylor realized. He just wished he could have figured it out sooner.

Taylor clenched his eyes shut again and tried to push away the searing pain that was swimming through him; however, it was to no avail. He hung, pressed into the wall, while his brother sent destructive pains flowing throughout his entire body until suddenly it all just stopped. After a loud bang, Taylor fell off the wall and landed face down on to the hard, rocky floor below. He looked up to see what had happened, though it took all of the strength he had just to pick his head up off the ground. What he saw were Joshua’s eyes growing twie as wide as they had already been, while their glow slowly faded. All expression faded from the young boy’s face as he fell to his knees with a blank stare on his face and toppled over in a face down position. All of the ghosts were fleeing in fear. Standing behind all of this were Jamie and the Guard from outside who was holding a gun. The guard had shot Joshua in the back to stop him from torturing Taylor and the ghosts had left because the gunshot had startled them.

Jamie ran over to Taylor and helped him to stand up; Taylor could still slightly feel the tingling pain lingering in his bones.

“What happened?!” Jamie said franticly; “we heard you screaming from down the hall and we came in here to see your brother holding you on the wall with psychic powers! What’s going on?” she asked.

“Joshua made friends with a ghost…” Taylor said. “He was trying to get back to his orphanage… So they could be together again… and the ghost was helping him…” Taylor barely said. He was in so much pain, so exhausted, and so injured that he could barely talk.

“We need to get you to a hospital,” Jamie said; “hey! Come help me carry him out!” she shouted to the guard, he was examining Joshua’s body across the room.

The guard ran over to where Taylor and Jamie were standing and wrapped one of Taylor’s arms over his shoulder, Jamie did the same and they started heading towards the door. They didn’t get very far before they had to stop again.

“Wait,” Taylor whispered. He was seeing something that they couldn’t see; you can only see certain ghost Pokemon when you’ve been touched by their power.

A single Dusknoir had flown into the room and was moving towards Joshua’s body. About 5 feet away from it, the Pokemon jerked back and lunged into the boy’s corpse. Suddenly Josh’s body lifted into the air and began convulsing. The bullet wound in his back sealed and left no marks, Joshua’s eyes flew open, and he lowered back on to the ground, standing up on his own, fully alive. The ghost had poured so much energy and power into Joshua’s body that he was able to come back from the dead.

Taylor, Jamie, and the apartment guard stood watching in shock as the boy who had been lying in front of them, lifeless, just moments ago stared at them and blinked. Joshua was completely horrified and confused; he had no idea what had happened or what was going on since he had been dead just a minute ago. Joshua took a second to focus and realize what he happened and then set his thoughts on getting back to the orphanage. Joshua thrust his arms outwards at the trio and sent them flying back into a wall. When Taylor hit the wall his head slammed into a rock that was jutting out, causing him to fall into unconsciousness.

Taylor woke up the next morning in a hospital bed; he had been changed into a long green hospital gown and he had bandage wrapped around his head. There was an IV inserted into his left arm and he had bandages and stitches all over his body. The room he was in was completely white; next to his bed there was a small table which had his three Pokeballs, a phone, some food, and a note pad on it; there was a small television set bolted to the wall in the upper left corner of the room; Jamie and the guard where nowhere to be found and the bed next to his was empty.

Suddenly an explosion was heard from down the hallway, followed by screaming and the sounds of a massive panic. Taylor jumped out of his bed and took a step towards the door before realizing that he still had an IV in his arm. The IV pulled back on Taylor’s arm and Taylor had to slowly pull it out to move any further. Just as he finished removing his IV he saw what the problem was outside; Joshua was standing in the doorway of his room. The television turned itself on and started making static noise. Taylor knew immediately that they weren’t alone.

“What do you want from me?” Taylor asked. “You got what you wanted! I’m not chasing you anymore! You can go back and be happy with your friend!” he shouted at the boy who was stepping closer to him.

“No, I have to get rid of you,” Joshua said. “He told me so. You’ll keep following me until you’ve taken me away from him! So I have to stop you!” Joshua shouted and he used his ghost powers to throw Taylor into a wall, causing all of the decorative pictures in the room to fall off of the walls and shatter. Taylor fell back down onto the floor, leaving cracks in the wall where he had slammed into it.

“Josh, I’m done!” Taylor said to his brother. “You can go back! I give up!” he pleaded.

“Liar!” Joshua shouted and he threw Taylor into another wall.

“You’re a coward, you know that?!” Taylor shouted at the television set on the wall. “If you want me to leave Josh alone then why don’t you come get rid of me instead of using him like some sort of puppet?!” he yelled.

With that, Joshua stepped back and the ghost behind everything decided to show itself. Slowly, a plasma-like ball of gas floated from the television screen and began taking the shape of the ghost Pokeomn. The ghost looked like a small orange ball with a horn. It was only about a foot tall and its entire body was sparking with blue electricity. It hovered in the air around the television and used it to talk. Instead of the Pokemon actually talking on it’s own it would send techno-like sounds from the television speakers that sounded like words.

“He is my friend, not my puppet,” the words flowed from the TV’s speakers in hardly understandable beeps and boops.

“Then prove it!” Taylor shouted. “Why don’t you stop me instead of making him do it? That’s what a real friend would do!” he shouted to the sparking ghost.

Suddenly he was lifted into the air and the same fiery electrical pain from the apartment was filling his body again. Taylor had hoped that the Rotom would retreat and that Joshua would think it didn’t really care for him, but it back fired. Taylor didn’t have a backup plan so he would have to improvise. He could just barely reach one of the Pokeballs on his desk; he grabbed it and dropped it to the floor, causing it to release the Pokemon that it held inside. A red light shot out of the ball and materialized into a Weavile right under Taylor’s feet.

The Pokemon could see that its trainer was in trouble so it bounded into the air, pulled back and swung it’s claws at the Rotom and dropped back to the floor. The ghost lost concentration which allowed Taylor to drop back to the floor.

“Thank you Weavile!” taylor grunted as he tried to stand. Now let’s show him how to really torture somebody! Icy Wind!” he shouted.

Weavile jumped up on to the hospital bed and sucked in the air around it like a vacuum. When it exhaled, an icy freezing cold wind blew from its mouth [b]and glided through the air, dropping tiny bits of snow and ice along the way, towards Rotom. The chilling breath hit the ghost head on and it fell backwards as it was bombarded by crystal-like chunks of ice and sub-zero temperatures.

“Now use Night Slash Weavile!” Taylor said to his sharp clawed Pokemon.

Weavile darted at Rotom with lightning fast speed, its claws glowing with an ethereal black aura as it approached the electrical ghost. The demonic feline dove at Rotom as it neared and swung both claws and slashed the paranormal spark cluster with its darkness imbued claws.

”ROTOM!” the ghost cried out as it flew back through the air, away from Weavile as the black cat dropped back to the ground. Rotom’s normally smiling face now flipped to an expression of anger as it curled its arms of electricity and began charging an attack. The television let out a piercing screech as Rotom allowed a beam of glowing electrical energy to protrude from its body and flow into Weavile.

The red crowned feline fell back as it was stricken by the Charge Beam. The shimmering current of electrical power lowed through its body as it stood frozen with paralysis. “Wea… Wea…” it moaned as it attempted, to no avail, to step out of the paralyzing beam.

Rotom chuckled at its success as it moved towards a cheap light fixture in the center of the ceiling, the Charge Beam still linking its body to Weavile’s no matter which way it moved. Rotom drifted into the bulb of the room’s light, releasing its electrical hold on Weavile and allowing the icy Pokemon to move again.

“WEAVILE” the Pokemon cried as it leaped through the air and swung at the disappearing ghost in anger, just missing Rotom by a hair and falling back to the floor.

Rotom decided to have a little fun with Weavile as it cranked up the intensity of the light being emitted by the bulb and blinding Weavile with a sharp Flash. Unfortunately, a cheap hospital light bulb can only hold a light of such intensity for so long; and after just a few seconds, the light shattered and propelled the electrical poltergeist back into the hospital room.

Weavile stumbled around trying find the glowing ghost, still blinded from the lights that had just been overpowering all sight of the room. The dark ice Pokemon could hardly help but stumble over every tiny thing it came upon as it attempted to seek its prey.

’TOM!” Rotom shouted. The ghost Pokemon let off a small Thundershock at Weavile, who had just fallen flat on the floor. The electricity shot straight at the fallen feline and ran across its skin, once again causing Weavile to moan its own name in pain.

Well, if he’s to blind to use any prcise attacks we’ll just have to go wider, Taylor thought as he watched his poor Pokemon get mauled by this ghost. “Weavile, use Dark Pulse! Shake up the whole room!”

Weavile stood up and took in another deep breath; however, instead of icy this time a wave of dark energy rippled throughout the room in every direction. The Dark Pulse knocked over several items in the room, including the IV stand and the plastic dishes on Taylor’s bedside table, and caused all of the glass in the room to shatter.

Flying around the room in a frantic panic, Rotom finally realized there would be no avoiding the attack and braced itself for impact. The wave of dark energy bent around Rotom’s paranormal form and flowed tightly through its body, sending it spiraling downwards; as it was too weakened by the blast to keep itself afloat. Luckily for the Pokemon, it had been in a good position before taking the blast; as it floated downwards through the air is drifted right into a microwave oven which had been set on top of an old refrigerator. As Rotom passed through the top of the oven the door flew open and flames burst out in random directions. Two tiny eyes formed on the top of the large food heater as it floated into the air and began glowing with red electrical sparks.

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