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Default Re: Chasing Rotom (WIP)

”What in the world…” Taylor muttered as he watched the microwave being taken over by Rotom. He had never heard of a ghost taking over any sort of object before. “Weavile, that thing is hot and dangerous! Use Agility and avoid its attacks at all costs!” he shouted to his exhausted Pokemon.

Weavile had taken quite the beating thus far but now that it was able to see again it was hoping to turn the tables in its own favor. Weavile began running around the room, jumping over the hospital bed, the knocked over dishes, and anything else that was in its way and quickly began picking up speed. Soon enough, Weavile wasn’t even visible because it was running so fast.

Rotom shot off Thunderbolt after Thunderbolt towards the sprinting feline, though each attack missed completely and just managed to destroy whatever was behind Weavile at the time the attack was launched. The ghost was becoming evermore frustrated by the Pokemon’s ridiculous speed and let loose a piercing screech of anger through the television’s speakers. The ghost probably would have just blown up the room by now had Joshua not been inside.

”Weavile, use X-Scissor!” Taylor called, hoping that Rotom was almost defeated.

‘WEAVE!” the dark Pokemon screeched as it flew off its circular speed track and pulled each of its claws back over its shoulders. As it jumped through the air towards Rotom it let its arms fly back out to its sides, slashing through the microwave and seriously hindering its further usability by Rotom. Upon reaching the ground again, Weavile took off once again in its circular path around the room.

Rotom was tired of playing games with Weavile; it wanted to destroy the annoying icy feline. “Take this!” the television beeped out as a large ball of electricity flew through the air towards the center of the room and exploded. A wide electrical current flew throughout the whole room and hit everything, including Weavile. As Weavile buckled over on the floor once again in paralysis Rotom took the opportunity to finish it off. The possessed microwave’s door flung open violently and the fire building up inside was released right at the immobile Weavile.

The black, red crowned, ice cat stared in horror as it as bombarded by Rotom’s Overheat, unable to move. “WEAVILE!” the Pokemon screamed as the flames engulfed its body and it slowly fainted.

As the fire sputtered away from his Pokemon, Taylor was able to see that Rotom has been victorious and Weavile had been knocked out. Taylor reached out with the fainted cat’s Pokeball and recalled the black feline back inside.

“How’s that for friendship?” Rotom taunted. “Apparently mine and Joshua’s friendship is stronger than yours and Weaviles!” Rotom stabbed with a laugh.

“I’ll show you a strong friendship!” Taylor shouted as he tossed a second Pokeball to the ground, right where Weavile had been lying. He knew that it wasn’t good to allow himself to get worked up over pointless, empty, nasty comments like the ones Rotom had thrown at him, but he was getting extremely aggravated with the ghost.

The ball cracked open as it hit the floor and a bright red light burst forth and began to take shape as the ball returned to the trainer’s hands. The sparkling red luminescence quickly took the shape of the tall red and tan bird man that had helped Taylor move the stones in the burnt apartment building.

“Blaziken, let’s get rid of this thing! Sky Uppercut it!” Taylor said to his newly called Pokemon.

Blaziken rushed towards the floating microwave and thrust its talon fist upwards; jumping when its arm was extended as far as it could reach. The blaze Pokemon’s talons smashed through the bottom of the microwave with a large flash; forcing Rotom out of the appliance and causing it to take its normal form.

Rotom let out yet another loud screech through the television set as it opened its mouth wide to take in air. After sucking in as much air as its little ghost body could hold, the Pokemon blew out with excessive force, forcing a strong gust which radiated ghostly energy to fly in Blaziken’s direction. The Ominous wind struck Blaziken head on; and while the blast didn’t budge Blaziken at all, the ghostly radiation within the winds whipped and stung at the chicken-like Pokemon’s skin. Rotom slowly drifted backwards towards the mini-fridge which the microwave had previously sat upon while the bird was bombarded by the blast.

As Taylor watched Rotom drift inside of the refrigerator he was already thinking about what was about to happen. The fridge slowly began to rise up from the ground and two small eyes materialized just atop the appliance. As Rotom floated into the air, the fridge’s electrical plug snapped from outlet it was plugged into and the orange freezer began emitting a purple glow.

Immediately Rotom prepared an assault on the red avian man Pokemon. The double doors of the mini food cooler swung open and large chunks of ice began flying throughout the room. The attack seemed similar to what Weavile had done earlier, only this was much more intense. The entire room was coated in snow, the air was bitter cold, and all vision was clouded by the white powder which thrashed through the air. Hail and bombs of ice spun throughout the air, smashing into anything that happened to stand in their paths.

Blaziken took a defensive stance against the Blizzard, shielding its eyes and hoping that its trainer would give it new orders soon so it wouldn’t have to endure the frosty abuse any longer. The snow and hail continued to snap against the crimson orange Pokemon’s feathers as it waited impatiently.

“Let’s melt some of this stuff Blaizken, use Flare Blitz!” Sec shouted as he covered his own face from the biting cold.

Blaziken’s body erupted into flames. Every inch of the blazing Pokemon’s body was coated in fire which melted any ice, snow, or hail that came within several feet of it. “BLAZE!” he yelled as he darted through the air as Rotom as fast as he could, smashing into the fridge’s open doors with excessive force and causing the appliance to fly back into the wall of the hospital room, breaking into several pieces and once again sending the injured Rotom back out to fight for itself.

“Let’s finish this, Blaziken!” Sec shouted as he saw the worn out expression upon Rotom’s once smiling face. “Hit it with everything you’ve got! Blast Burn!”

Blaziken jumped back, planting its warm feet in the quickly melting snow on the hospital floor. The Pokemon sucked in as deep of a breath as it could possibly take and released it all along with an incredibly large burst of flames. The gigantic fireball soared through the air, littering the floor with flares and ashed, and engulfed Rotom’s tiny ghost body, burning the ectoplasmic bundle of electricity to a crisp. As the fire cleared up, the first thing that Taylor caught sight of was the ‘all powerful’ lying fainted on the ground.

Taylor pulled Blaziken into its Pokeball and walked over to the fainted ghost. “That’s how real friends do it,” he said to the Rotom as it sat there almost lifelessly. Taylor looked over at his brother and saw that he was tearing up.

He had just seen his best friend beaten by Taylor and he knew that this would be the end for him and the little ghost. Taylor wished it didn’t have to be like that and then realized that it didn’t. Why couldn’t the Rotom just come live with them? Taylor grabbed an empty Pokeball off of his bedside table and walked over to Rotom. Taylor dropped the ball on to the fainted Pokemon and watched as the ghost flew into the ball and it sealed shut. The ball moved once, twice, all it had to do was move once more and maybe, just maybe, Taylor, Joshua, and his friend Rotom could all live together in happiness…

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