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Default Re: Dragoness vs. Harry vs. Medz vs. AUfan ~Kool Contest~

Originally Posted by AtaroBot View Post
5th(Last) Round:

Cyndaquil appeals with Swift! +2!
First to perform! +4!
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=1]

Mightyena appeals with Bite! +1!
Combo! +1!
Condition star! +1!
Cyndaquil couldn't help uttering out a cry! -3!
Crowd looks on, +0 [CL=1]

Manectric appeals with Thunder! +2!
Cyndaquil turned back out of distraction! -2!
Mightyena turned back out of distraction! -2!
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=2]

Raichu appeals with Volt Tackle! +6!
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=3]

End of 5th(Last) Round:
1st: Cyndaquil 150 PTS
2nd: Raichu 130 PTS
3rd: Manectric 100 PTS
4rd: Mightyena 90 PTS[*]

Total Results:
1st: Cyndaquil 600 PTS
2nd: Mightyena 267 PTS
3rd: Raichu 260 PTS
4th: Manectric 200 PTS

1st Place: AUfan gets $2,000 + Normal Cool Rank Ribbon + Choice of a 1.5k Berry
2nd Place: Dragoness gets $1,500 + Choice of a 1k Berry
3rd Place: HKim gets $1,500 + Choice of a 1k Berry
4th Place: Medz gets $1,000 + Choice of a .5k Berry

Post here to collect prizes.
Wow, 600 points. It was a great contest everyone, ty =)

Cornn berry, please. And Ataro, ty for reffing...again
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