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Default Re: Pokemon Master Axel's Event Center

Pokémon Center Events (US)

Gloom ID: 00001 Nature: Hardy
Milotic ID: 00001 Nature: Calm
Seviper Nature: 00200 ID: Naive
Alteria ID: 00247 Nature: Naive
Aggron ID: 00781 Nature: Timid

Pokepark Update! v3!

Cacnea ID: 12323 Nature: Hardy
Igglybuff ID: 12323 Nature: Naughty
Corsola ID: 09098 Nature: Docile
Mew ID: 60510 Nature: Impish
Celebi ID: 60623 Nature: Modest
Jirachi ID: 60731 Nature: Naughty
Minun ID: 30209 Nature: Naughty
Jirachi ID: 60830 Nature: Mild
Meowth ID: 09998 Nature: Serious

Yeah, I know it's a lot, but I need these.
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