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Default Re: Pokemon Master Axel's Event Center


I am interested in your GOtta Catch Em All events!

I would like your:

Smergle ID: 60505 Nature: Docile
Pikachu: 60505: Adamant
Stanler ID: 60505 Nature: Hardy
Scyther ID: 60114 Nature: Rash
Kangaskhan ID: 60114 Nature: Mild
Quilfish ID: 60114 Nature: Rash
Shuckle ID: 60505 Nature: Quiet
Murkrow: 60114: Sassy
Charmander ID: 60227 Nature: Quiet
Squirtle ID: 60227 Nature: Lax
Bulbasaur ID: 60227 Nature: Gentle
Seviper ID: 60321 Nature: Bold
Chansey ID: 60114 Nature: Bashful
Sableye ID: 60321 Nature: Adamant
Mudkip ID: 51126 Nature: Impish
Totadile ID: 51224 Nature: Gentle
Torchic ID: 51126 Nature: Calm
Houndour ID: 60505 Nature: Bold
Mantine Nature: Jolly
Mareep ID: 60505 Nature: Impish
Pikachu ID: 60321 Nature: Bashful
Delibird ID: 60114 Nature: Docile

For them I can propose you the whole Pokemon Ranch set in French (22 pokemon, OT Eulalie):
Aerodactyl, Buneary, Mew, Phione, Staravia, Pikachu, Ponyta, Comby, Croagunk, Evee, Lickitug, Finneon, Miltank, Pachirisu, Shellos, Vulpix, Snover, Shroomish, Tangela, Yanma, Wynaut, Wailmer.
All 100% Legit, I got them myself.
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