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Post PE2K Podcast Episode Metapod!

Pe2k Podcast Episode Metapod!
(Right Click, Save As)
Back from a 2 week hiatus, the podcast team reassembles and completely forgets how to record a quality podcast. From the random volume crescendos (I have no idea why they’re in there, I’m sorry!) to the useless (but semi-entertaining) rambling, we get ourselves back into the podcast mindset.

Guests: Finch, and… I dunno, it’s late and I have school in the morning.

Those that are subscribed with iTunes, your podcast will either download automatically OR you can right click and hit “Update Podcast”. Also if you have iTunes, go to the iTunes store, search “PE2K” and rate us 5 stars outta five. And write us a good review. I don’t care what you really think, have at it, peons!

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