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Default Re: The Pixel Palace - Come On In and Get Some Pixels!

Originally Posted by Shayminfan View Post
i dont no about IV/DV,s but you can get it with Lv: 75 and this one is Lv: 76 also (UT)
but i have Aura Mew Lv:10 (UT)
and MYSTRY Mew Lv:31 (UT)

and i have IV/DV,s
Elevoltek Lv: 100 kp:219/219 Ang:379 vert.151 SP.Ang.226 Sp.Ver.205 init:289
Porigon-Z Lv:100 kp:313/313 ang.155 vert.171 sp.ang.367 sp.ver.172 init 306
I must know the IVs in order to trade. And that last little bit you gave me are stats, not IVs. IVs only go up to 31. Plus, I'm not interested in those 2 Pokemon.

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