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Cool Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

Hello, I'm new here but I'm working on a fanfic now and want some feedback on my ideas. So basically, it's a League quest involving two Trainers named Tony and Lauren. The region i am using for this story is called Revonn, which I created myself. It is very mountainous and forested, with cold tundras and conifers in the northeast, jungle and volcanoes in the southwest, and warm deciduous forest everywhere else (I'll post a map of Revonn later). So anyways, Tony is sixteen and has just moved from Johto to Revonn with his family; his dad was the Gym Leader in Goldenrod. He and his family move to Gracewood Town on the west coast of Revonn, and there, Tony meets Lauren. She's also sixteen and one of the better Trainers around Gracewood. Upon arrival, Tony has a Pokmon battle with Lauren, and they tie. They become good friends afterwards.
After this, Tony meets with Prof. Beech, the Pokemon Professor of Revonn. Beech has already helped finish the International Pokedex, and he asks Tony, who is leaving in a week for the League Challenge, to ask Lauren to come with him. So Tony asks her, and she agrees, and they set off together on a quest for the eight Gym Badges and the Pokemon League, due to begin in a year or so.

That's how the story starts, but I haven't explained why I'm writing this. I'm sure that many fans of Pokemon these days have observed how childish the TV anime is sometimes, and though the games are still kickass enough, they lack involvement and depth. I want to write a story that can bring the original fans of Pokemon back and write a strong, mature story that people my own age won't ignore due to childishness.

I also want to make it interesting, in the sense that most people are bored out of their f-ing minds with the same Gym/League plot. So in addition to the main plot, which will twist here and there for reader interest, every other chapter or so, we will look into the life of Nolan Beech, the professor's son who also lives in Gracewood. He is often sent on odd jobs for his father, and works as a researcher for his father and the Revonn government. He will be peeking into endangered Pokemon, stopping poachers, and encountering Legendaries. Now, I won't say which ones, but expect anything. That's all I will say about that.

In case you're wondering what Tony and Lauren look like, here's a hyperlink that will take you to them. Just click here

Thanks for reading!

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