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Default Re: The Pixel Palace - Temporarily Closed|Do Not Post!

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
Hi, I'm interested in these pokemon.
Check my thread and let me know if you like anything you see...

TRUTH Shiny Gyarados
M3ch Warior Scizor
EliteRobert's Blissey
and Tuperius's Shiny Lapras
I liked:
Distant Land Entei lv 95 T
Hadou Regice lv 40*** UT
Hadou Regirock lv 40*** UT
Hadou Registeel lv 40*** UT

But I need to know the IVs before agreeing to a trade.

Originally Posted by mfauz View Post
how do we get credits and what are they for
You give me credits in your trade thread. 1 credit = 1 Pokemon. Say I do services for you and get 10 credits, I can get 10 Pokemon in your trade thread any time I want, and I don't have to spend them all at once either. It's just a way of you getting from me now, and me getting from you later when you have something I want.

and jahz, those are stats, not IVs. GTFO.

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