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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG: 13+]

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Wow, five posts? My longest chapters were three posts. xD

I don't mind long chapters-I'm excited to read it!
Yes, it's eleven and a half pages in Word! However, it'll probably be, like, double that when I post it on here because I don't have it spaced out in Word (which is why it takes me so long to post the chapters! xD). And I'm glad you're excited. ^^ You're my most loyal reader! *leaphugs* But then again,'ll probably be four posts, not five. xD
I'll do a picture sometime this week if I have time!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Chapter Twelve: Unpredicted Revelation

Yes, I know Luck looks terrible. Dx

And thanks to the awesome Joltstorm, I have this picture too! :D

“What’s going on?!” I exclaimed through the two claws. They pressed together again, making me shuffle out of the paws’ grip. The room had become instantly black as soon as the door had closed again, and I demanded to know what was happening! “Zhol,” I decided through a whisper, “where’s the crate?” I turned around, knowing she was going to be there because she had just embraced me.

“There’s no crate,” she replied from further up the room. I frowned, having underestimated her speed.

“Well then—”

“Shh!” she hissed, and I shut my gob immediately. I wanted to question her more, and I didn’t know why I had to be shushed. “Whisper,” she said again, doing so herself.

“But why? And what’s with the ‘no lights’ thing? It kinda makes it a little hard to see.” When I got no answer – just the sound of soft clapping against the floor – I rolled my eyes impatiently. I began to yawn, feeling a wholesome breath of oxygen fill my lungs. The swirling gas came out as a warm puff, and I swayed slightly after. I hadn’t had much sleep over the transportation period, so I knew my energy was draining rapidly. The fact that it was night – when I slept – didn’t help. The bullet wound in my leg still throbbed, as did the small section of my ear which was missing due to the same thing.

It was impossible to see in the never-ending blackness, but I knew I didn’t need to see to be able to sense some sort of strange presence... A very odd but negative atmosphere hung in the enclosed space, and I almost felt unwelcome.

Disregarding my weariness and focusing on my curiosity, I dug deeper for extra fire that wouldn’t be used in a flamethrower, and spurted it out so it was a constant flicker of a flame spilling from my mouth. I blinked, trying to rid my eyes of their sleepiness, then patrolled the open chamber with th—

My heart stopped. My heart stopped beating—probably in awe of the sight before me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to act, how to breathe any longer. My attention was completely held by what my eyes exposed me to. I may have been looking at pokémon...but in a crate? Huh, far from it. This...this was like nothing I had ever laid my sights on. Zhol must have seen it by now, but I could tell that she was not nearly as intrigued as I was. But I just...couldn’t...

In the room I was in, there were thirteen tall-standing capsules containing wicked-looking pokémon. And by ‘wicked’, I wasn’t referring to them looking really cool, but, in fact...matching the aura I had sensed only seconds previous to my discovery.

The thick tubes were placed six to my left and six to my right, with a significantly larger one seated right at the end in the centre of the path. They were all glass with dark plastic rims at the bottoms and tops where they connected to either the ceiling or the tiled floor. But...filling the pods was a liquid which appeared transparent and somewhat denser than normal water. Bubbles ascended clumsily from within the devices attached to the pokémon in the enclosed spaces and dissipated at the surface. I couldn’t quite identify the species suspended in liquid before me from the lack of light, as my flame merely reflected off the glass covering. However, one I recognised as a medicham—because of its round, pink thighs and the thin grey body. “It’s huge!” I exclaimed, my fire dying instantly. I couldn’t make out much more...other than it looked stranger than a usual one. “What are they doing here?” I mumbled, the flare extinguishing right beforehand. I scoffed, flicking my head in any random direction. “Zhol.”

“I don’t know.”

“...Zhol, why can’t we turn on the lights? I can’t really see properly. And there’s nothing I can use, as know, ‘cause if I use my fire for light, I’m gonna need something to set.” I blinked a few times, unable to solve how I could word my sentence to make proper sense. I then shrugged, receiving an answer.

“Lights might wake them,” she snapped.

“Wake who? The scary-looking pokémon in the creepy-looking tanks?”

“Yes,” she simply said.

“They seem fast asleep to me... But...wait...there isn’t a crate...but there are these tanks with pokémon in them. Why?” I crept closer to a nearby tank, blowing a flame from the gap between my lips. It was the medicham again. As I was reminded of its size, I took a breath and asked, “Do you think Team Rocket’s done something to these pokémon?”

There was silence before Zhol answered, “They are being held here for a purpose. For what purpose I’m not yet sure.”

Since the noise level was zero (apart from faint bubbling from the capsules, me talking and Zhol’s clicking claws), the room could have projected the ring of a carvanha’s tooth dropping—which is what it did when something paw-sized clanged against the tiled floor behind me and probably behind the right string of tubes holding pokémon. Straight after, a shoofing and an almost-suctiony sound to my left threw me into a battle-ready pose as I was confused about the direction I should concentrate on. “What was that?” I quickly questioned, assuming – or more like hoping – it was Zhol. Sneasel fast. Zhol could’ve gotten from one side of the room to the other and made both noises! ‘Y-yeah...’ I thought nervously, fright licking my heart. I swallowed as my back seemed to heat up.

“I don’t know.” There was pattering as she presumably zipped across the surface to the source of the sound.
I waited in angst for something to relieve me, but the dark and ice type took a while to reply. “Feels like a remote!” she mentioned, and I soon learned that she had begun to prod at random buttons on it as the tanks suddenly lit up brightly after flickering. Blue light shone from the base of the tanks, illuminating their contents from the bottom. The whole room became dimly lit with a cobalt blue—but only really enough to faintly make out both me and Zhol and brighten the walls behind. Wild shadows were tossed across the floor, and any of them could easily have been used as a hiding spot...especially if I wanted to conceal myself and jump out at Zhol if she were to walk past! But I knew it was the wrong time, of course. Still...

“Light, wondrous light!” I chanted, beginning to sway back and forth in a dancing fashion. Zhol said nothing and eyed the continuously silent cylindrical containers, probably just waiting for the frightening pokémon to shatter the glass and slaughter us both. However, I think I could speak for Zhol as well as myself by saying that we were glad to find that the light didn’t even make them stir. But now we could snoop around. I revisited the medicham for a third time, figuring I could gather its details better this time. As well as being abnormally large, I saw that it had a heavy-looking metal collar ringed around its neck. I frowned, digging through my mind to find any sort of answer to the question of why it would need one. I spotted something else strange: black rings around its eyes. They reminded me of the marks Master used to get under her eyes when she didn’t get enough sleep, but these went around the pokémon’s whole eyes and didn’t look natural. “Zhol, this is creepy...” I waited for a comment from my sneasel friend before I said, “We have to save them.”

“No,” Zhol hissed, appearing by my side. I suffered a small jump and flicked my head in her direction. “We don’t know what will happen if we release them.”

“Release?” I questioned with a slightly shocked tone. “You make it sound like they’re dangerous captives...” The moment I spoke those words, I knew the possibility. Zhol’s solid gaze reiterated my thoughts, and I suddenly felt a wave of extreme curiosity. Why the giant pokémon? Why were they in tanks filled with bubbling liquid, and why were they separated from the others? Only investigation would solve the question, but not even that seemed overly safe. Investigation that was too thorough could only lead to disaster—as I’d once discovered as an eevee after being told one day not to aggravate a wild machop.

I strode forwards, lifting my nose. ‘...Hang on.’ I flicked my head around. ‘How come I can still smell the forest? Some sort of familiar scent...’ I almost used all my senses to reveal who – or what – was in the room. ‘Eh, my nose is probably still clogged up with all the disgusting stenches from earlier,’ I figured, shrugging. I decided that snooping around more was a better use of my time, and I was probably right, after all. ‘Or these pokémon could have once belonged to a forest...’ I began to search my thoughts. ‘I hope they were willing to be brought here...’

I continued down the room, inspecting the strange, floating pokémon concealed behind glass. Bubbles span to the top of the dense liquid, becoming part of the above pockets of air. Long, black tubes connected to cups on the pokémon’s mouths suddenly came to my attention, and my suspicion met its peak as I discovered they were to supply the pokémon with oxygen. After all, how could they breathe in wet matter like this? ‘Wet matter... That stuff doesn’t appear natural. It’s not fresh or salt water—or water pokémon water. Everything here is artificial...’ My fur stiffened. ‘No wonder this place or these pokémon don’t smell right. Zhol was right about letting them out. Who knows what would happen...?’

I blinked in succession. “This one’s gone!” I exclaimed, spinning to face Zhol.

“A pokémon?” she asked, catching up with me. As she did so, I turned to the tank.

“I swear there was one in here a second ago! When I had my fire lit...the tanks were all full with a pokémon!”
Zhol grabbed her chin with a paw. She frowned, thinking hard, probably.

Spoiling our ‘being surprised’ session, the door to the room slammed shut without warning, the lights blinking out. “WAHH!” I blurted, my muscles seizing. We both jumped out of our fur; we probably would have soiled ourselves if we hadn’t both been familiar with being alarmed.

Silence overcame us as we waited for something else to happen. When nothing did, we both stared at each other—or, at least, I looked at her. Without light, it was kind of difficult to determine whether she was doing the same or not.

I flicked back my head, generating a small flame, and hurled it from my mouth toward the room’s entrance. It lit the place for a matter of moments, dissipating as it crashed into the floor before the door. Nothing there. “But...the door wasn’t even open for it to close!”

“It may have been the pokémon that escaped from its tank,” Zhol alleged. She was thankfully still gripping the remote, and prodded at it until those glass container lights relit. I could see her face again. “ did it escape...?” Zhol continued her stare, her thoughts whizzing.

“And how did it sneak past us?” I added. I hoped all would make sense in the end. It usually did, anyway. I padded slowly away, nearing the biggest tank in the room. It was the one near the back of the room in the centre of the pathway between the two rows of tubes. This one – rather than bubbling, holding a pokémon, and being blue – was an extremely dark maroon—almost black. It was not bubbling, however, and the pokémon was absent. It hadn’t been occupied when I had come in, so I figured that there was nothing in it to begin with. I found it awfully strange how it was differently coloured, but I thought that maybe different...‘pokémon’...needed types of tanks to survive in.

As I let a frown push down my eyebrows, I neared the tank. For the first time in a while, I hoisted myself up onto my hind legs, my front paws pressing against the thick glass as my toes spread out. My head was tilted upward, and I could see human communication characters painted on a small sign. However, since I didn’t know how to interpret human language when written, I merely shrunk back down to all fours and returned to the sneasel. I was about to tell her of the human written characters when I was suddenly interrupted.

“Dusty?” a voice started. I flinched violently, the sneasel beside me growing a quick frown.

“...Did you h—” I began, immediately cut off. The feeling of when your ears pop struck me, and it suddenly felt like they were blocked.

“Dusty, it’s Raiys! We need you up here!”

“Did I what?” Zhol queried, a look of concern and perplexity coating her face. She sounded muffled—like I had my head submerged in water or something.

“Shh!” I hushed, turning away from her. “W—how-?!”

“I’ll explain once you’re here. There’s something you need to see! And hurry!” My head felt clear again as I shook it, my eyes searching the floor as if looking for answers.

“Zhol, we need to go,” I stated, facing her seriously. There was a pause while she contemplated this.

“But, Dusty, what about these—”

“Doesn’t matter about them—we need to go!” I sprang off the floor, not giving her time to reply, reaching the entrance and slamming into it. I expected it to swing open, but to my displeasure, it didn’t. Instead, I ended up with a sore right shoulder as I stood moaning. Zhol slashed through the air as she appeared at my side within a heartbeat, and blinked repeatedly at me. She craned her neck, then leapt upward, yanking down the horizontal handle. It became almost vertical as there was a click, and the dark and ice type swung open the chamber’s metal guard.

I just stared with my eyelids at half-mast after moving away from the door. “Why did I do that?” I muttered.
I focused back on task and bounded after Zhol and up the hallway, turning left shortly after it started and nearing a series of short pot plants coming up on our rights.


A lithe figure concealed itself behind a row of potted plants situated against the wall of a corridor, knowing exactly what it was waiting for. It didn’t take long before it heard a shuffle of paws and negative muttering. It waited almost indifferently; however, a tinge of remorse pawed at its stomach. It knew what it was doing, but felt nearly a little regretful for doing so. Even though it chose this path, second thoughts whizzed through its head. But it reconsidered as it recalled the reasons, telling itself to forget it among other things. Washed away was the last part of the feeling as it saw, speeding ‘round the corner, an orange and yellow quadruped, as well as a much zippier midnight green pokémon who stood – or raced, rather – on two legs ending with feet and sharp claws.
It took its eyes off the both of them, squashing itself against the floor as they whizzed past. Wind generated by the speedily travelling duo blew back appendages carefully. Once they disappeared around the corner, the sleek-framed creature darted from where the flareon and sneasel had come, inhaling familiar scents as it neared the chamber.

The heavy door was carefully shut once it entered and the creature made its way across the cold floor. It whispered particular phrases not understood by the average being, and as a result the tanks grew their lights. Approaching a specific machine it knew the flareon and sneasel missed which was located behind the main, biggest cylindrical tube near the room’s end, the wanderer stood on its hind legs and awkwardly tapped at buttons on a keyboard. A black screen revealing brimming yellow eyes appeared on the back of the tube – where it was looking – and began to speak. “Master,” it hummed after clearing its throat. “They will...witness our power very soon. Subject D3 has been released.”

The being behind the source of the screen toothily grinned, despite its follower unable to see this, and snorted in triumph. “Excellent. Annihilate every last one of those opposing weaklings. Make sure you spare the Rockets. We need them.”

The minion nodded, trying to keep a sustained pose. “Of course.”

“And find out...who initiated the freedom of the prisoners.”

“I-I already have that information, Master,” the creature explained, feeling slightly regretful but confident afterwards.

“Ahh...excellent. I expect a full report when you return,” mentioned the dominant being, its eyes narrowing.
“Yes, Master.” The smaller creature then nodded, and waited a cluster of seconds before the screen flickered, shrunk and vanished.


I almost skidded and slipped when I scrambled up the steps, seizing a human as he pointed his gun at me. Zhol came zooming up from my behind, thudding across the floorboards and into the second Rocket, slashing her paw swiftly through his neck. Maroon liquid reddened our surroundings; I was prey to a few drops, but it didn’t bother me. I finished off the man I was fighting, hurling toxic acid on his face and watching as he accidentally swallowed it. We passed through many battles, slowly making our ways to the opposite end of the ship close to where the crate I was held in was. A large circle of pokémon had gathered, and frankly I was surprised that a few Rocket pokémon or trainers hadn’t interrupted it. Zhol hesitated to push past assorted pokémon while I thoughtlessly ploughed through them, occasionally excusing myself. I found myself in the centre where an ochre bear-like frame lay inert, appearing beaten up and with spatters of blood in select places.

Raiys was gloomily seated next to him, his head flame up for the first time I saw him. He laid eyes on me after having them pointed at his paws, and rose. He looked about to speak, but words were far from his reach.

My bottom jaw trembled, my eyes wide with shock. “L-Luck...” I was almost speechless as my sneasel friend finally appeared by my side. “He’s...” My nose fizzed, my eyes becoming cloudy as my vision blurred. I exhaled loudly, rushing forwards. Shivers erupted along my back, and a twinge twisted in my stomach.

“It’s okay—he’s not dead,” Raiys reassured. I held my breath, my tears stilling.

“He’s...he’s not?” Answering the question for myself, I lowered my head to his chest, my ear easily catching the pumping of his heart. I withdrew again, witnessing the rising and falling of his chest and belly. “Oh.” I blinked out the tears, bringing my right shoulder forward and bending my head down in order to rid the brine from my eye. I copied my actions with the opposite side.

I heard Raiys draw a sharp intake of breath, and I assumed he spotted the miniature hole in my leg and ear, since he was standing to my left.

“Do you know who did this?” I questioned, my neck twisting to the left. The quilava stared back forlornly.

“Yes,” he admitted, clearing his throat. Chance stepped forward from behind him.

“It was a beast,” the grotle interrupted gravely. “Something unlike I’ve ever seen. Unlike anyone’s ever seen.”

Continued in next post...
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