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Default Re: Mirror, Mirror

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

With a blinding flash of crimson, a bamboozled Smoochum appeared. She looked around, snapping her head in varied directions. She recognized her surroundings. She was back in Icy Path.

"Hello, Smoochum dear! My name is Meringue." The girl of nineteen bent down and patted the humanesque Pokemon on the head. "I caught you earlier. Do you remember?" She didn't wait for Smoochum to respond. "Now, you have a chance to battle that Zubat over there. Can you do it?"

No! I don't want to battle! Let me inside my void again! I liked it there. I was pretty there! Please! Smoochum began to wail as tears flowed freely down a bubblegum face.

What is pretty? Zubat, who had been idle for the most part, spoke for the first time since the party's arrival.

Smoochum whirled around to face the questioning bat. Pretty is everything! She yelled. Pretty is how you look!

But I don't look, Zubat said. I do not see. I do not know what pretty is.

You... You cannot see my ugly? Smoochum asked. She finally registered that visual stimuli when talking to the blind were not very important.

No. What is ugly?

She smiled. Smoochum had never felt so confident. If no one could see her, then she could not possibly be called ugly. This was her chance to gain experience and evolve. She was not going to throw it away. It's something I won't be anymore! Now let's battle!

Zubat cawed in response to Smoochum. He was more than ready to fight. He faced the Smoochum, sending out quick puffs of air in all directions. The third one returned, indicating Smoochum was stationed in front of him. With a quick nod of his head, he dipped downward and began a summersault. It was a very admirable feat.

Smoochum stood, astonished. She couldn't move, she was so impressed with Zubat's aerial skills.

The flying blue wonder laughed, releasing a multi-waved echo. It was aimed at the stunned ice Pokemon.

Smoochum blinked several times, trying to remove the awe of the Astonish from her mind. On the fourth blink, she looked up. Glossy circles were being thrown her way. She had to stop them from hitting... but how?

"Smoochum! Use Sing!" Meringue called from behind.

Sing! Of course! Her small mouth began humming a tune. Soon, she belted a song out into the surrounding air.

Zubat recoiled from the intense sound. It drummed in his ears as if it were an orchestra. He couldn't stand it. He had to distract his opponent to get her to stop her dreadful song. His mouth opened to twice its normal size. Suddenly, a crystal haze poured from the infinite blackness and out into the cave. In no time, it covered the area in a hot, damp mist. Zubat slipped into oblivion.

Smoochum couldn't see anything. All she was subject to was a periwinkle paradise of thick haze. There was no way she was going to be able to spot her opponent using her eyes. Her mind however, was a different story. Smoochum closed her eyes and concentrated with all her might. Beads of sweat pooled at her golden hair line as her mind raced to find the retreated bat. With an inward twinge, she locked on to him and fired a psychic pulse.

A bright flash of purple appeared before Zubat, pushing its way into his body. Sadly, he never saw it coming. Instantaneously, he was crippled by a terrible pressing on his mind. It was a deep, dull press that was starting to hinder Zubat. It produced not only an ache, but a ring. The ringing became louder and louder as the attack went on. Wings went limp as he crumpled to the ground in a heap. He lay there, twitching in agony until the pressure on his mind was released. Smoochum had become too tired to continue the attack! Zubat moaned, attempting to collect himself for a final go. His wings straightened to help him back into the air. They flapped several times before his frame was lifted off the ground. He waited, hovering... gaining strength for his next attack.

Smoochum was exhausted after such a powerful psychic. She wanted to sit down. She wanted to let her eyes close and drift into a deep slumber. Before she knew it, an immense wind brushed her face. It became stronger and stronger until a cerulean wing smashed into her face. She yelled out in pain, dropping to the cave floor as the haze evaporated.

"Hes going to go in for another attack! Use Avalanche!" Meringue was doing all she could to help her new friend. Remembering Azul's battle from earlier, she offered up the first attack she could remember.

Smoochum arched her back to get off the ground. A bright white glow surrounded her as Zubat dove for another attack. He screeched, latching on to one of Smoochum's arms. His pointed teeth dug into the pink skin with unbearable pain. A purple liquid began to ooze from the bite marks. It sizzled like an egg under the heat of the sun.

Smoochum wailed, twisting her arm in odd directions to avoid the seeping wound. With a cry of her name, the ice that had gathered on the stalactites began to rumble. With each ice crystal that fell off, the mounds began to crack. They shook with fierce tremors before finally unleashing the fury of an avalanche.

Zubat screeched as the ice pummeled his tiny frame. Cold blocks pelted the bat as he slammed to the ground. He writhed in agony under the freezing blanket of rocks.

Although it felt like her arm was dissolving, Smoochum forced a grin. She had won. She had defeated her foe! Smoochum had never felt so happy or fulfilled. It was almost as if she were glowing. Her hands began to twitch. Her hair began to grow. She didn't understand what was happening.

"What? You're evolving!?" Meringue rushed to her new friend, who was rapidly changing sizes.

With a veil of white mist, Smoochum disappeared. As it faded, a new figure was revealed. She stood slightly taller than Meringue's hip at 3 foot with a velvet gown of silken wine. She looked at her hands and uttered, "Jynx?" in a soothing, melodic voice. Her eyes drifted to a new reflection in the ice. She touched it gently with a violet finger and traced the edge of her face. This was the beginning of a new found respect for Meringue. Her master was the one she could thank for her evolution. I am pretty now...

Are you? The crushed Zubat coughed.

Meringue was startled by the noise from Zubat. She snapped her head to look at the ailing creature. "You poor thing!" She had momentarily forgotten the situation at hand. A second Pokeball found its way out from her bag. With a toss, the Pokeball smacked open on the ground, sucking a pinned Zubat from his confined space.

"Now, for yo-" Just as she was about to throw a fourth Pokeball at the forgotten Nidoran, the ground shook with a vigor. All those standing fell to their feet.

WHERE IS HE? A loud roar sounded through the cave. Azul, Jynx and Meringue turned to the cave's exit. The outline of an elephant stood silhouetted by the shining sun. Donphan had given up on his sense of sight. There was no way for him to track the pest on sight alone. His massive trunk sniffed the ground, searching for any scent that resembled that of blood. The bitter scent led him to this part of the cave where he instantly spotted his target.

Please! Help me! Nidoran quivered as the large Donphan began a charge.


Nidoran squeezed his eyes shut, hoping it would all be over soon. He was tired of the pain.

Donphan let his trunk trail on the ground. His large, clumsy feet tangled, sending him into a roll. The spinning became faster and faster until the original mistake became a Rollout.

"No!" Meringue wasn't going to sit idly by and watch Nidoran die if she could do something about it. She dove into her bag for a third Pokeball. When her hand clasped around a firm object, she pulled it out and threw it at the ailing Pokemon. Meringue prayed it would hit.

The ball closed with a snap, enclosing the hurt Nidoran. Donphan didn't notice. He continued to roll right on by.

Meringue rushed to the site to pick up the Pokeball. She held it firmly in closed hands.

Donphan uncurled himself, realizing that he had missed his target. A wild head swung about, looking for his prey. He spotted a red and white Pokeball in the hands of a young girl. With a grunt, Donphan began a second charge.

"AZU!" Azumarill leaped in front of the blonde human. He was not going to let his master be harmed.

Donphan stopped in his tracks, enraged something would stand in his way. IGNORANT BEAST!

Meringue collapsed to the icy floor, clutching the Pokeball to her chest. She had been frightened before, but never to this extent. Her heart pounded in fear as her dear Azul jumped into battle to save her.

Azul growled with a deep tongue roll. His tail wagged back and forth, as if it were dancing.

Donphan suddenly felt weak, as if his strength was being pulled out of his being.

"Now turn that Tail Whip into a Rain Dance!" Although still upset from the Donphan scare, Meringue felt the need to guide her friend to victory.

After hearing Meringue's voice, Azul's body began to move with his tail. He danced a waving hula as the ceiling ice began to melt. For the second time today, he created an indoor Rain Dance.

The cool raindrops splashed onto Donphan's rocky exterior. They drizzled through the cracks in his armor, causing the sensitive skin underneath to be hit. He roared in frustration, shaking left and right to throw off the water. However, he was beginning to get carried away. With a twist to the right, Donphan began to flail about the cave.

"You have to avoid it, Azul!"

The Azumarill nodded. His last glimpse at Nidoran told him to be careful with the behemoth. As Donphan barreled down on the water rabbit, Azul took hold of his tail and squeezed into a small ball. He took off in a spin as the flailing elephant neared.

Donphan crashed into the limestone wall as Azumarill rolled out of the way. With a shake of his massive head, Donphan was on his feet again, charging the azure Pokemon. Large, ivory tusks jabbed continually at the fleeting opponent. He was going to gut the running mouse.

Azul tried to dodge the continual Fury Strikes, but the fifth hit him square in the chest. The sharp point of the tusk was like a harpoon to a whale. Azul yelped, doubling over and covering his wound. It had punctured his blue hide, spilling a warm, metallic liquid onto the icy floor. As Donphan raised his foot to end the battle, Azul looked up and opened his mouth. A bright, foamy spray pelted the attacker.

Donphan screeched, backing away. The salt from the foam was almost blinding.

The water Pokemon had one last trick up his sleeve. He carefully dipped his head down and began to charge the Donphan. When Donphan finally regained his sight, it was too late... the Double-Edge had hit. Azul dropped to the ground next to his fallen opponent. The recoil was hell. The attack and sucked the energy from him. Azul was getting dizzy from the fatigue. As a cold darkness fell, he hoped the battle was done.

The elephant grunted, heaving his massive body up into another standing position. He may only have one more chance to kill Nidoran. He gave his last breath, charging for a final time.

The Donphan was galloping in Meringue's direction. She looked around wildly for any sort of protection but her stomach dropped as her legs began to loose all sensation. She couldn't move and Azul was in no condition to help her. All she could do was scream.

Jynx, who had been admiring her new reflection for so long, had been oblivious to the fight. However, her head snapped around when she got wind of Meringue's scream. Meringue had been the one to help her evolve. It was time to repay the favor. Jynx flew through the air as if she were a Fearow, throwing herself in front of Donphan's Slam.

Donphan reared, smashing into Jynx's frame. She tumbled continually until a grotesque hit of the floor was heard. She lay bleeding with Zubat's infectious poison rampaging through her system. The elephant fell over from exhaustion, expelling his last breath. Meringue lay unconscious. Although Jynx deflected most of the blow, she felt the aftershock. The tremendous pressure caused her to crack her head on the back wall. When the small Pokeball Meringue held hit the floor, the injured Nidoran popped out. No one was moving. Everything was still.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
End Note; So... Nidoran was badly injured. I don't think a full fight would have helped. So I made Azumarill fight the Donphan. It works, right?

If captured permanently; Everyone lives! =D
If Dophan succeeds; Everyone dies! D:

And... Maybe a third chapter to come, starring a Luvdisc.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pokemon Attempted; Zubat & Nidoran (M).
10 - 20k Character Range.
(5 - 10k each).
Character Count (Without Spaces); 16,699
Character Count (With Spaces); 20,372
((All character counts do not include Author's Notes or Divider Bars.))

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