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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG: 13+] New chapter liek totally~

DOUBLE EDIT: Lol, the remainder of the chapter has to go here as of two years later.

“MOVE!” exclaimed somebody determined. I became confused, and my limbs seized up. The rocky sound of a fast-moving attack knocked at my ears, and my brain visualised an image. I still couldn’t move though, disobeying the pokémon I hoped to stand by until the moment we were simultaneously unable to aid one another.

Being shoved suddenly from harm’s way, I tumbled with a small and nimble dark figure before a slapping noise got me to my paws. I wished my eyes were deceiving me as a round ball of rock slammed into the garchomp, ruthlessly throwing both itself and the monster over the edge of the ship. A deafening scream erupted from my mouth, and I again bolted to the beams lining the ship’s edge. “ROARAKE!” I cried, the rock and ground type uncurled from his rollout attack to see eye-to-eye with me. “No...” I whispered, my eyes shaking and my nose fizzing. The faintest of depressing smiles before his tears generated crept onto the golem’s face, something telling me he was almost grateful or happy. The smile was the last thing appearing on my mind as I wept to the sound of a splosh. He seemed to dissolve into the salty expanse of liquid, the waves happily taking him and washing over where he landed. The garchomp attempted to swim, but was obviously unable to and began to sink in a flurry of splutters and protesting roars. “Oh, Roarake...” I wailed, mouthfuls of tears washing down my face and dripping eventually into the sea. I inhaled, crying at the same time. “First Luck,” I whined, “AND NOW YOU!” I fell to the deck in an emotional breakdown, feeling the heavy inhale and exhale which choked in my throat and ended with coughs and saliva. Two claws rested on my back as an act of comfort, and I would have shoved them violently off if I hadn’t been so unwilling to hurt another pokémon again.

“Golem cannot swim. The water pokémon wouldn’t have been able to carry him. He was unable to survive regardless,” Zhol stated, raising her voice to be heard over my loud sobs.

“HE’S DROWNING RIGHT NOW!” I hollered, raising my head to do so and lowering it once more.

“Rock and ground types are susceptible to water. It may have rendered him unconscious by this stage.” Although she wasn’t helping emotionally, Zhol made a good point. I guessed this was her way of cheering others up. I knew she only hid her emotion to be strong; someone had to.

“Dusty; Zhol!” exclaimed Hakumei, who bounded into view. I found it ironic that he only happened to appear after the garchomp had perished. “Come on! The bomb’s going to blow up in any number of minutes! Hurry!” Zhol reacted immediately by removing her paw and helping me up, and she zoomed to be next to the umbreon as I slumped my head and forced myself to follow.

The reason I managed to get myself up was a powerful one; it was one that helped me surrender myself to the cruel oceanic waves as I leaped from the ship with the two dark types either side of me. The wind rushed through my throat and brushed each strand of fur on my body, blowing my ears wildly back. With a brief time to brace ourselves, we pounded through the sea’s surface, the freezing water handing me stabbing shock on a silver platter. I forgot to breathe, but the reason came back to me. Just like how I’d been swimming only days ago with Izante, I waved my paws about, strolling without enough effort towards the surface to break free of the water’s hold and inhale the fresh but salty air. I was too weak to pull myself onto the walrein that was to help me and Zhol, and instead I fell through the water again, barely noticing as something swept underneath me and collected my sodden body. I began to drift away from reality as the walrein continued on, my many saviours slipping from my head. The ursaring and golem who sacrificed themselves in order to save a measly flareon like myself may have been considered foolish by me, but obviously they thought the exact opposite. Was I really worth saving if the consequences were so severe?

The image of my best friend also wandered away from my head, swaying her tail as my eyes clinked closed, and making the final decision to desert me once and for all.

Originally Posted by scalec View Post
Holy Crap, that was the best thing I've read in a long time! I'm serious!
Two strong Pokemon sacrificing themselves for Dusty, some really creepy mutant Pokemon, all Pokemon now escaped from the ship, and Izante turning traitor. Awesome!
As much as I would love to say I didn't see Izante doing basically the same thing she did here, I can't, because I did. I can't imagine the pain Dusty must have gone through...
So where is this story going, I wonder? I have no idea, but my psychic abilities tell me that eventually there will be at least twenty chapters, possibly twenty six. Of course, they've been wrong before...But oh well, I'm sure you've got something good planned.

Until Next Time
Scalec, Duke of Craziness
*eyes shimmer* ... *TACKLE HUGS* Thank you so much!!! ^^ I'm certainly pleased you think so! (You did read the previous chapter, right? xD 'Cause only Scy and Riolu commented, so I'm just making sure. :3)
Oh, so that means you saw it coming? x3 Well, I thought it would be a good way to turn things around. And yeah, poor Dusty.

Dusty: As if you care--you were the one who did it to me!

Haha, well, actually, after this it's kinda blurry, but I have a rough outline of where I wanna go. I'll go wherever my mind takes me. x) Haha, I hope so. ^^ I have bigs plans for this other story I wanna do, and it's a little annoying that I don't have such big plans for this story. But I hope people like you will keep loyally following regardless, and hopefully I can make this successful! ^^

xD Thanks, Scalec!


EDIT: I may not be able to do a picture for a while, since I have 12 things of homework stacked up that's due all next week. >.<
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