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Default Re: ~.::Team Infinity::.~ [Team Song! Help choose a theme for our team~]

k, im back with a fully completed PMD2! (Darkness)

Team name: What did you call your team? Team Skull
Team Rank: Normal, Master or anything in between! MASTER! =)
Where can you rescue: How far can you rescue? About all i guess... Dungeons on bottom
PMD version: 1/2/2.5, PMD version 2

Up to where I can rescue:
Beginner Dungeons
Story-Ending Dungeons
Post-Story Ending Dungeons

Beach Cave                             Mystifying Forest
Drenched Bluff                         Blizzard Island
Mt. Bristle                                Surrounded Sea
Waterfall Cave                         Miracle Sea
Apple Woods                            Aegis Cave
Craggy Coast                           Mt. Travail
Mt. Horn                                   Spacial Rift
Foggy Forest                             Dark Crater
Steam Cave                             Concealed Ruins
Amp Plains                                Hidden Land
Northern Dessert                       Temporal Tower
Quicksand Cave                        Marine Resort
Crystal Cave                             Zero Isle North, South, East, and West
Crystal Crossing                        
Treeshoud Forest
Brine Cave
Thats all the dungeons I have.. If you need my Team's Information here it is..

Raichu (LEVEL 100)

HP: 178 ThunderShock
Attk: 105 ThunderBolt
Defense: 105 Discharge
Sp. Attk: 133 Thunder
Sp. Def: 113
IQ: Half Star

Blastoise (LEVEL 100)

HP: 197 Water Pulse
Attk: 105 Skull Bash
Def: 105 Hydro Pump
Sp. Attk: 130 Brine
Sp. Def: 115
IQ: 2 and half star

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