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Default Re: In the need of help!

Originally Posted by Lacesso View Post
Soon as you get to orebourgh you can wifi.

if the guy wants his 3 eggs, theres no need for you to tell him it's useless and he can catch them anyway (perhaps he has a DSi and can't insert Firered?) and you need the national dex to get aerodactyl. You can't buy ultra balls for an Abra until the second gym (afaik) by which point the abra will be level 4 and 15 levels behind everything else.
Actually Catching Abra Early on isn't that hard if you started with Chimchar, as chimchar learns taunt really quick, you just send out chimchar, and taunt it right away so it can't teleport, and then it'll struggle for a couple of turns, and hurt itself, after it hurts itself once or twice, a standard pokeball generally catches it with ease.

What's funny is you can't trade National Dex pokemon before getting the national dex, except through wi-fi, so even if he had a local friend to help him out it doesn't allow it (which is really weird), but through wi-fi you can.

Also, this thread should be in the small trades, it's not a trade shop. And you can definately trade Eggs, and it's better to do so, especially if you haven't gotten a lot of gym badges yet, as when he hatches them on platenum, his platenum game will be the Original Trainer, and he doesn't have to worry about them "not obeying".

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