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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

...his dad was the Gym Leader in Goldenrod.
His father was this woman?!? Do some research, plzu.

Okay, so anyway. Aside from the obvious 'Whitney is a GIRL' dealie going on, this actually looks like one of the better pitches for a region and story. You've thought out Revonn's geography pretty well (more so than most fake regions, I think, unfortunately including my own for now). The reasons sound similar to Pokémon Rebirth, which has been created as a desire to make a fanfiction that doesn't stick ot the unfortunately-bad rep fanfiction has these days, but if it's going to be mature in the more literal sense... with mature topics and whatnot... then I'm not sure if I'll be reading it, sorry. :/ I think my twelve(or maybe thirteen)-year-old brain may implode from the mental scarring or something. The Nolan chapters sound extremely interesting to read, though.

...And also, why why WHY WHY WHY are Tony and Lauren represented from the R/S/E hero Sugimori art?!? At least design your own MCs to be in such a thought-out region.

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