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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002
Crimson, you kept saying he's having grammar trouble because of him being "under pressure".

This is a statement that partially makes Bush a bad president. All of the presidential greats have a "golden tongue", thus they can speak well even under pressure. This is what makes a man a great leader of the country, him being able to speak (okay, half of it). You take that away from a president and he is now half-baked.
Not everyone handles the same under pressure. Even though I have butterflies before I go speak to a large crowd, it goes away.
Tell me: who were the "presidential greats"? Placing someone under association because of some slight impediment isn't exactly the best determining factor for how good of a person that would be. I know some of the greatest minds in my school, and they don't get noticed simply because they can't express it. Doesn't change that they are a great mind, though.

Presidents are always under tremendous pressure every single day, an obvious fact that common people know. If Bush cannot handle such pressure in such a small circumstance (ie speak to the public), what make one think that he will not make the wrong decisions when the pressure really comes crashing down?
The pressure of speaking to a large crowd is a whole lot more different than making a decision in a more private area. Since I was the computer-genius at my middle school, I was always the leader at group projects. Talking in front of that class was much harder than deciding if you were going to use powdered snow and hot glue or tape and white pieces of paper to construct the christmas banner for the school. And not everyone is as "fluent" with words as other people.

Bush to me is just incapable of incredible greatness because of this single barrier. Taking things out of context, tho almost bad, is acceptable to a certain level. Constantly taking thins out of context is horrible. It's like having someone tailor every single word you're saying. A president should at least know how to effectively speak to the people with his speeches, using a balance of things out of context and others he wrote. It's too much out of context, and the rest he bends under the pressure. That's not good for a president.
I find that a good some of his speaches are actually quite well done (even though he probably isn't the one who writes them). It's these little pieces of text that people choose to point out.

Very wierd question: Which would y ou have lead you: a timid studdering genius, or a fluent and inspirational speaking idiot.

You said the genius of course. But he wouldn't seem smart though. The guy who can speak would seem better. More Charisma would lead you almost mindlessly towards the man who can speak, or the man who looks best for the job, rather than the man best for the Job.

I despise the "when you're not with us you're against us"-thing Bush likes to spread.
I would like to know where you got that perception. And don't confuse it with the very different "when your not against us, your with us."

I also ahte how Bush treats foreign countries. He acts like every country wants to be like the US, and should be like the US. Such arrogance. Also, he always threatens to take action if a country doesn't listen to what he wants. (( Not war, but economic sanctions )). Even EU countries.
I, again, would like to know how you got this perception. And the threatening thing: It's not him who's making the call there. It has to go through the house of represenatives and the senate before he can act on it. The ultimatum that has the obviously better choice is only part of a plan that the U.S. has been having for awhile.

I also thin the Iraq war wasn't right, for the simple fact that US started the fighting. Saddam was a terrible man, yes, but it wasn't Bush his job to take care of it.
After Saddam tried to kill daddy Bush, he issued, and passed, a regime change for Iraq. Clinton followed through with it. W followed through with it. I have no doubt that Gore would've followed through with it either. Simply put, it was his job to take care of it, whether he liked it or not.

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