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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

This might just be the best fic I've ever planned (note I said planned). It involves Team Galactic attempting to erase the good side of a Pokémons mind, and enhancing the bad side, making Shadow Pokémon. LeFay the Glaceon, Elron the Umbreon and Emily, a clone of Mew, are the first test subjects. Emily's bad side, however, was erased instead of the good side. LeFay's sides were unbalanced, making her very unstable. Elron's sides were untouched, because of his unnatural brain signals. Meanwhile, Zyxx (my human-bird-octopus thing) and Johannes are hanging around the test site, intrigued by Galactic's technology. When they learn about Galactic's plans, however, they rescue the three Pokémon, and wage war against Galactic. They then destroy Galactic's Shadow machine, but the blast creates a warp that drops the Pokémon, Zyxx, Johannes, and the Galactic admins in another dimension, populated by dragon-like creatures. The Galactics then attempt to capture the dragons, and harness their elemental powers...


Good, no?
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