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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Sign me up!

Name: Brisbane Kreutzhart
Age: Mid-twenties
Gender: Male

Personality: he's unpredictable. When you least expect it, he'll start a dancing number with baby Seel and fireworks, only to then start discussing the ramifications of World War II in world politics. He's often absent-minded, following some unknown train of thought in who-knows-which direction. He'll pretty much leave his Pokemon to their own devices, unless he feels that they're not quite accomplishing whatever idea he came up with.

He's currently in a Magic Kaito phase.

Description: don't bother me, at least this is half original

Pokemon: Not decided yet

1 Full Restore
4 Max Potion
5 Hyper Balls
1 type Repellent
1 Supreme Park Ball
1 Ranger Delight

Ranger Character.

Name: Hyacinth "Hiccup" Uppershire
Age: 16

Personality: Shy and insecure, he'll usually try to find approvation before acting, even if very competent. He doesn't like to take initiative, but will strike first at critical times.

Description: 1m60-ish, with short dark brown hair and a medium build. Wears brown trousers, a green short-sleeved shirt with a bandana tied to his right arm, with the symbol of the Park. Also has a backpack, always filled with as much as he can take with him in the park.


Nerwin the Serious Male Alakazam.
Firada the Bashful Male Magmortar.
Darthwing the Quirky Female Golduck.
Nebbia the Impish Female Vaporeon.
Kiri the Calm Female Espeon.

Notes: the nickname "Hiccup" is due to his tendency to start "hiccupping" under pressure
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