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Default Re: Individual RP: Dr Scott

Trainer: Sam, HH, and Sandy
Location: Dock & Power Plant

Sam grinned slightly into the morning sun before he dotted the last ‘I’ onto the piece of paper that sat in front of him. More specifically, the piece of paper was a general admittance form to get into the newly opened Pokémon Park, the bottom of the thin material rustling slightly in the wind despite the fact that the top was being held firmly by a clipboard. He had put forward a piece of paper a week ago with general information and a basic psychological profile, and as such had been accepted into a list of trainers that would be able to get into the Park after it opened.

So here he was on opening day, filling out yet another paper, this one addressing issues such as payment methods, the members of his team that he planned on bringing into the Park, and even a signed contract that would state that the government could not be held liable if anything was to happen to him inside the island itself. Still, the young boy wasn’t too worried, he had chosen Sandy and Hell Hound specifically to keep himself safe. Besides, Sam had went over each of the rules that had been sent over in the original packet; there would be a trained Ranger escorting him so he would not run the risk of getting lost, and if worse came to worse there would be someone to watch his back.

With everything done, the glasses-wearing youth stood up from the rough wooden bench that he had been perched upon while finishing up the document. He had chosen to do it all outside instead of sitting in one of the plastic chairs that had been set up in the building labeled Ranger Outpost One. The ambiance was just so much better than being inside a stuffy room with other hopefuls; it soothed him and allowed him to focus more on the task at hand. Out of all of the various jobs he had taken on in his life little to none of them had left him bound to a desk, though a select few did give him his fair share of paperwork.

The black haired trainer opened the door to the outpost, handing in his paperwork to the clerk before signing the leather-bound book on the massive desk that served as a sign-in once everything was finished. Turning around on his heel, the young trainer went to find a seat in the stuffy room to wait to be called forward. Luckily, he did not even have to take the time to find a seat, for a girl stepped out from behind some barricade that kept trainers from waddling into the Park on their own and looked at the book. In a flurry of movement she introduced his intentions (which he had jotted down in the book as well), introduced herself, jabbed at a keyboard and then led him past the barricade and into the Park proper.

Her long blonde hair trailed after her as Sara led the way, talking the whole time. For his part Sam looked around like a kid at a toy store, trying to take in all of the various sights and sounds. It was beautiful at first glances, an area that was for the most part totally untouched by humans. Or, at least, it had been untouched for quite a while until relatively recently. For its part, the weather seemed to be trying its best to make the opening day even better, which was a good thing because the trainer was only wearing a light but sturdy coat, a black shirt, and jeans. Still, he was better clothed for bad weather than the Ranger, who appeared to be wearing some strange red shirt and short black shorts.
The youth was about ready to ask if he could let one of his Pokémon out of their balls when they came upon their ride, a small little vehicle that looked like it couldn’t carry anything heavier than the two of them. The lean boy jumped in easily, plopping himself into the padded seat on the passenger side, waiting for his assigned Ranger to set them off to his chosen destination, the Power Plant. It took him quite a while to make his decision; Sam really wanted to see something more natural and beautiful, but was also looking for something shocking and interesting. Interest and curiosity won out in the end, and he decided to save calm and tranquil for another time.

After a rushed trip that included a few shout outs about passing objects that he didn’t even try to glance at they arrived, stopping at a long building that looked like it had been abandoned long ago, and for good reason. It looked dull and somewhat creepy, as if lawyers would wait around every corner to give long winded lectures about rules before making an arrest. The windows suggested that whatever sunlight tried to penetrate them they would keep it out, keeping the building dark and lonelier. “Well, here we are,” the strangely red orbed lass stated as they both got out, “I hope you’re ready for what’s ahead.”

Sam grinned courageously; he had been in a lot of situations that were a lot more intimidating than this, the most recent of which being a short stint in a youth criminal justice training program that let him come face to face with the popular Team Rocket. Leading the way, he walked at a normal pace towards the building, his grin deterring slightly as he got closer and closer to the door. “I hope you brought a flashlight,” he said to his Ranger, casting her a glance from over his shoulder. Then a light bulb appeared over his head as he remembered a part of his training at the academy; when in a dangerous system always remember that a Pokémon is as good a backup as any, especially when one is not old enough to own a firearm.

Grabbing one of the two balls he did not leave at the front desk, he dropped it to the ground, looking pointedly away from the flash of light that signified the release of his friend and ally. The ball flew back into his opened palm as if an obedient robot, shrinking so he could place it in its spot on his belt. Looking down, Sam glanced at his Houndoom, the horned creature stretching his four feet before loping loyally to his trainer’s side. The lean child grinned once again before reaching for the door.

OOC: How and when we encounter is up to you.

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