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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Originally Posted by DarkGardevoir View Post
Sign me up!

Name: Hyacinth Zante
Age: Mid-twenties
Gender: Okama (that's what he wants you to believe. It's male.)

Personality: he's unpredictable. When you least expect it, he'll start a dancing number with baby Seel and fireworks, only to then start discussing the ramifications of World War II in world politics. He's often absent-minded, following some unknown train of thought in who-knows-which direction. He'll pretty much leave his Pokemon to their own devices, unless he feels that they're not quite accomplishing whatever idea he came up with.

He's currently in a Magic Kaito phase.

Description: working on it, not quite ready yet.

Pokemon: Not decided yet

Items: none bought.


Ranger Character.

Name: Hyacinth "Hiccup" Uppershire
Age: 16

Personality: Shy and insecure, he'll usually try to find approvation before acting, even if very competent. He doesn't like to take initiative, but will strike first at critical times.

Description: 1m60-ish, with short dark brown hair and a medium build. Wears brown trousers, a green short-sleeved shirt with a bandana tied to his right arm, with the symbol of the Park. Also has a backpack, always filled with as much as he can take with him in the park.


Nerwin the Alakazam.
Firada the Magmortar.
Darthwing the Golduck.

Notes: the nickname "Hiccup" is due to his tendency to start "hiccupping" under pressure
Hmm, your ranger SU is accepted if you would please give your Pokemon natures. :) You're still working on your trainer one, description and everything, but it looked like you're pretty much done w/the Ranger one. If not, sorry.
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