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Default Re: Front Gate

Name: Medz
Entrance Fee: $3,000
Location: Abandoned Powerplant
*Style: Individual
Extra Pokemon Permit: $500
Total Money: $10 300
Total Cost: $3 000 + $500 = $3 500
Change: $10 300 - $3 500 = $6 800

Total Items:
Park Balls x4
Super Balls x2
Hyper Ball x2
Max Potion x1
Digital Camera x1


Pokemon: Venusaur
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Docile
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Earthquake, Outrage, Return, Sunny Day

Pokemon: Manectric
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Ability: Lightning Rod
Nature: Naive
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Magnet Rise, Rain Dance

Pokemon: Persian
Nickname: -
Gender: Female
Ability: Limber
Nature: Shy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Attract, Hidden Power [Dragon], Swift
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