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Default Re: Encounter Tracker

[11:44] ClockKnight: hello
[11:44] TheGalleonMan: Yo.
[11:45] ClockKnight: mind witnessing to some encounter rolls for the park?
[11:45] ClockKnight: at this time you're the only one i can ask :x
[11:45] TheGalleonMan: Eh, I'm not even sure how it works, so. ^^;
[11:45] ClockKnight: lol
[11:45] ClockKnight: i just have to roll for some pokemon
[11:45] ClockKnight: and you witness
[11:46] ClockKnight: nothing else
[11:46] ClockKnight: just to make it official
[11:46] TheGalleonMan: Yeah, and what do the rolls mean?
[11:46] ClockKnight: category/pokemon that will have to appear during the RP
[11:46] TheGalleonMan: Mm, alright.
[11:47] TheGalleonMan: Then I'll just sit over here and nod.

Ranger: Me
Trainer: Redino
Signature: The previous chat. After all, it does say that Story Heads can approve this stuff.

I'll PM the rolls to Jess anyway, just for fairness sake, so she can check if I'm straying from the path.
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