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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

No, that's not true. don't forget this is THIRTY YEARS after Ash did his deal in the world (well, i've changed it to sixty years after some thought,) but anyways, there is a NEW Gym Leader in Goldenrod. That would be Brendan. Don't assume that I didn't see that "mistake", as I was thinking about this entire story for almost half a year before I wrote the first words.

And about the character art . . . well, i thought they looked the coolest and their style what was what I was envisioning for their outfits. Now, that is not EXACTLY what they will look like, given some minor changes (and don't forget that they are only 10-12 in those pics; in this story, they will be 16-17 ish). So there you go; personally, i think that R/S/E was the best game series, though i do give props to D/P/P for much better gameplay.

While I'm on the subject, who out there is tired of the same game plot of 8 gyms/ Elite 4/ Pokedex, etc etc? I think Nintendo needs an RPG/Adventure similar to World of Warcraft for the Wii or next major console where the character could literally do ANYTHING they wanted. From customized appearance to the storyline, it should be custom tailored to what the Trainer wants to do, much like WoW.

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