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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Ranger SU :

Name: Ranger Haru

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Often quiet, Haru doesn't have much ways to express himself, neither the time to make friends with the other Rangers. He's also known as the "Silent Killer"; as you can't expect any answers from him that soon. It is also known that Haru doesn't trust anyone that easily, nor does he often smile. Although, he loves challenges nature brings forth, and is willing to push himself as far as possible; to reach the unreachable. Along with his trusty partner Pokemon Gengar, Haru stands out much among his fellow Rangers.


Clothing Appearance:
^He also wears a silver necklace(3 swords design) around his neck. About 6'11'', has spiky silver colored hair(in pic), brown eyes.

The Team :

Gengar(Male) - Docile

Info : Given as Haru's starter Pokemon(as a Gastly) when he was young, Gengar has always been a faithful companion, and a tank in his team. Despite its odd colors and looks from any other Gengars, it holds a key to Haru's mysterious past. It's also known that Gengar rarely shows its true emotions around others' presence. Having moves like Shadow Ball and Explosion makes it a very dangerous ghost for you to have fun with.


Gallade(Male) - Serious

Info : The next serious face besides Gengar. Showing no humor or sense, Gallade always plays it tough and hard. Little is known about its true strength, but it's always focused and stays firm in any kind of Battle. Leaf Blade and Psycho Cut; is what Gallade loves to use most of the time.


Floatzel(Female) - Jolly

Info : The only Pokemon that shows true optimism and has its own "happy-go-lucky" charms, Floatzel. It has a high sense of humor, as well as it tries to play the joker when the team gets too dull at times; courtesy to Gengar/Gallade. But of course, no one takes this guy lightly, with moves like Aqua Jet and Ice Fang behind its "tube".


Miltank(Female) - Gentle

Info : Miltank is well known for its healing capabilities. Thus, its the sole healer of the team. It rarely fights or parts in any battles, as it mostly dodges any incoming moves and hardly does any damaging moves to the opponent in return. Despite its size, Miltank has good reflexes which allows it to dodge moves quite easily, but would have less of a hard time getting back up. Rollout and Milk Drink are its signature moves.


Scizor(Male) - Hardy

Info : Unknown


Infernape(Male) - Brave

Info : Unknown



Others :


Sorry about the Double Post, just wanted a fresh post for my stats.

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