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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Chris
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Money: $150
Park Items: Parkball x4, Superball x 1

Personality: Chris has a very calm personality and will always stand up, and believe in his Pokemon. His favourite Pokemon are his interests, for example he loves the occasional Archaelogical dig for fossils. Therefore, his favourites are mainly of the Fossil Pokemon. Chris is also an easy going person but when it comes to battles, he's no push over.

Description: Chris is 5'8" and has dark brown hair, with a tint of blonde mixed in by a personal style of his own. He also has bright oceanic eyes. He wears a bright red t-shirt, which really doesn't disguise himself in a wild area for example... Chris also wears dark blue jeans, which are well camouflaged at night, but not in broad daylight! Any Pokemon can see him!

Pokemon & Natures: Will edit the natures later. But for now I'll post the Pokemon I'll be using.

Details: This is Chris' Starter Pokemon, recieved from his father before he disappeared for his travels. Aerodactyl is very loyal to Chris and will always try its hardest to help his master. Aerodactyl loves to eat Chris' lunch when he's not looking...
Nature: Gentle

Details: Chris bonded with this Pokemon when it was an Omanyte. It then later evolved to Omastar. Omastar is a loyal asset to the Team, and always loves working in a Team. The bond it has with Chris at the beginning was the reason it joined the force. It gained this bond when it saw Chris' bright red T-Shirt. It loved that T-Shirt for some odd reason...
Nature: Mild

Details: Chris captured Kabuto on a special Archealogical dig in the Kanto region at Mt. Moon. This Pokemon is very fiesty and likes to play hide and seek often. However, when it comes to battle. Kabuto never underestimates its opponents and always puts in full effort, along with enthusiam.
Nature: Hardy

Details: Chris befriended Krabby when it was injured and attacked by a pack of Mightyena. Chris defended the Krabby and even injured himself to protect it. The little crab acknowledged this and always protected its Master. It also has a strong connection with Aerodactyl since they both steal Chris' food secretly...
Nature: Jolly
<3 Donny & Sooty you both will always be in my heart :)

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